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Smar SW - Punk Hardcore from Poland - Biography & Full Album Download MP3

Smar SW

Punk Hardcore Band from Poland formed in 1989

Band formed in 1989 in Rzeszów, Poland. Representing one of the most impressive progress in music skills of band members, and also music itself. Started as one of the infamous "polish punk" band. Simple music, and primitive lyrics most accurate describes their early days. In mid 90s, Smar SW become very heavy, massive and dark collective recording albums more similar to Neurosis, The Ex with Tom Cora, than punk rock classics. Releasing their last album called "Samobójstwo" (in english it means "Suicide") they were already disbanded.

Band members:
Paweł "Sezon" - vocals
Grzegorz "Kaktus" - bass guitar
Robert "Yogurth" - guitar
Rafał "Słoniu" - drums

Ninja - bass guitar (1989-1994)
Wacek "Sikor" - drums (1989-1995)

Band Members :   Robert Śnieżek, Paweł "Sezon", Ninja, Wacek "Sikor"

- Biography -

6 albums

Smar Sw - Samobójstwo


1997 - Poland
Punk, Hardcore
Cassette Album9 Tracks
Qqryq Productions

Smar Sw - Świadomość


1995 - Poland
Hardcore, Punk
CD Album14 Tracks

Smar Sw - Walczmy O Swoje Prawa

Walczmy O Swoje Prawa

1993 - Poland
Cassette Album16 Tracks

Smar Sw - Koncert Na Zalesiu

Koncert Na Zalesiu

1992 - Poland
Cassette Album20 Tracks

Smar Sw - W Jedności Siła

W Jedności Siła

1992 - Poland
Cassette Album20 Tracks

Smar Sw - Wszyscy Jebnięci Są Nasi

Wszyscy Jebnięci Są Nasi

1991 - Poland
Cassette Limited Edition12 Tracks
Not On Label (smar Sw Self-released)

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