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Hiatus - Hardcore Punk from Belgium - Biography & Full Album Download MP3


Hardcore Punk Band from Belgium formed in 1989

Hiatus was a Belgian hardcore punk band from Liege, Belgium, formed in 1989, that broke up in 1996.


Hiatus formed in May 1989, at this time the line-up was Phill, Ben, Raf and Phil. They played in a Doom/Discharge/E.N.T. style and recorded a rehearsal demo called "The Frightening Men Story". In May 1990, they put out their second rehearsal demo called "In My Mind" and soon after Wills joined them on bass.

The band went into the studio and recorded a set of songs which were released on two 7"s and various compilations. Their first 7" "I don't scare easily but..." was released on the French label Urban Alert Records and had a second pressing on Nabate/Mother Peace Records. A split 7" with RMR from Japan called "Severe Existence" was Hiatus' second 7" and was released on the Japanese label MCR Co.

Phill and Raf left and some new members joined: Azill on guitars and vocals and for a short time Vrokker and Leffe from Chronic Disease. During August 91, Hiatus toured the United States and Canada with The Wurst from Rhode Island and played with bands like Rorschach, and Born Against. In November 1991, they recorded another studio session. From this recording the "Way Of Doom" 7" and Hiatus/Embittered 7" were released in 1992. In February 1992, Hiatus toured Europe with No Security from Sweden, also in 1992 they toured the U.K. with Mushroom Attack from the Netherlands.

In 1993, their "From Resignation ... To Revolt" LP was released on Sound Pollution. Hiatus also toured Europe and Eastern Europe that year. Among others, there were four dates in Sweden, booked by the band Viktors Haufnarren and Resistance Productions. The four France dates were booked by Six Feet Over, Ultimate Disorder, Catalogue Du Grand Nord and Maloka collective. In early August, they made a five dates tour in Spain with the band Six Feet Over. The tour was booked by a member of the Spanish band Positi Caustico. The August 15 date at the "Festes Alternatives a Gracia" in Barna was a huge success, with thousands of punks and anarchists. Hiatus played there with the band Speereth. The last date in the tour was in Luxembourg, toured by Diff (No More and Subway Arts).

In early 1994, the Doom/Hiatus 7-inch was released. In February 1995, they recorded their "El sueño de la razón produce monstruos" LP. In June 1995, they toured the United States and Canada again. A self-titled mini LP commonly called "the brain" was released on Skuld Releases/Profane Existence in 1996, the songs on it showed a big progression from their earlier releases with elements of modern hardcore being added to their crust punk sound. They splitted up in 1997.

Azill and Willy from Hiatus also played in Unhinged who have a 7" and LP out on Nabate and in the band Skewwhiff who have an LP "taedium vitae" on Life is abuse/Trujaca fala records.

After a hiatus of 12 years, Willy, Phil, Ben and Azill made three reunion gigs in 2009 (in Liège, Lille and London) with Chris (Health Hazard/Doom) on bass.

On hiatus again, they eventually reunite again in 2019 with this time Sam (Werly/Suitside vs vedaplight) on bass. They are now back again and record a new album beginning of 2022.


Final line-up

Willy "Wills" - lead vocals (1990-1997 2009-present)

Azill - guitar (1990-1997 2009-present)

Phil - guitar (1989-1997 2009-present)

Ben - drums (1989-1997 2009-present)

Sam - bass (2019-present)

Past members

Fred(alabas) - bass (1992-1994)

Chris Gascoigne - bass (1994 and 2009)

Phill - vocals - guitar (1989-1990)

Raf - vocals - bass (1989-1990)

Jonas - bass (1994-1997)

Vrokker - lead vocals (1990)

Leffe - lead vocals (1990)

Hannes - drums (1997)

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Band Members :   Azill, Jonas, Phill Kill, Ben Plastic, Wills, Phill, Fred, Raf

- Biography -

19 albums

Hiatus - El Sueño De La Razon Produce Monstruos / The Brain

El Sueño De La Razon Produce Monstruos / The Brain

1997 - Belgium
CD Album Compilation24 Tracks

Hiatus - Live In Zoro

Live In Zoro

1996 - Belgium
Punk, Hardcore
Cassette Album29 Tracks
Musical Destruction Tapes

Hiatus - Hiatus


1996 - Belgium
Punk, Hardcore
Vinyl 12"8 Tracks
Skuld Releases

Hiatus - Old Fashioned Shit For Consumers

Old Fashioned Shit For Consumers

1995 - Belgium
Punk, Hardcore
CD Album Compilation30 Tracks
Ataque Sonoro

Hiatus - El Sueño De La Razon Produce Monstruos

El Sueño De La Razon Produce Monstruos

1995 - Belgium
Punk, Hardcore
Vinyl LP13 Tracks

Hiatus - Don

Don't Think With Your Dick...

1994 - Belgium
Punk, Hardcore
Cassette Album34 Tracks

Hiatus - Live


1993 - Belgium
Hardcore, Crust
Cassette Album37 Tracks

Hiatus - Disarm All Pigs Now! / Police Riot

Disarm All Pigs Now! / Police Riot

1993 - Belgium
Punk, Hardcore
Vinyl 7"9 Tracks
Slime Records

Hiatus - Hiatus / Lost The Fight

Hiatus / Lost The Fight

1993 - Belgium
Punk, Hardcore, Crust
Vinyl 7"8 Tracks
Flat Earth

Hiatus - From Resignation... To Revolt

From Resignation... To Revolt

1993 - Belgium
Punk, Hardcore
Vinyl LP16 Tracks
Sound Pollution Records

Hiatus - If War Solves Problems, Then Why Are We Afraid Of It ?

If War Solves Problems, Then Why Are We Afraid Of It ?

1992 - Belgium
Cassette Album37 Tracks

Hiatus - Blind Justice For All / From The Outside Looking In

Blind Justice For All / From The Outside Looking In

1992 - Belgium
Punk, Hardcore
Vinyl 7"7 Tracks
Desperate Attempt Records

Hiatus - Severe Existence / Soulforce

Severe Existence / Soulforce

1991 - Belgium
Punk, Hardcore
Vinyl 7"9 Tracks
Mcr Company

Hiatus - Way Of Doom

Way Of Doom

1991 - Belgium
Punk, Hardcore, Crust
Vinyl 7"6 Tracks
Profane Existence

Hiatus - In My Mind...

In My Mind...

1990 - Belgium
Punk, Hardcore
Cassette Album18 Tracks
Not On Label (hiatus Self-released)

Hiatus - The Frightening Men

The Frightening Men's Story

1989 - Belgium
Punk, Hardcore, Crust
Cassette Album12 Tracks
Not On Label (hiatus Self-released)

Hiatus - Live Denmark 2/21/92

Live Denmark 2/21/92

- Belgium
Crust, Grindcore
Cassette Album19 Tracks

Hiatus - Split-Livetape


- Belgium
Punk, Hardcore
Cassette Album23 Tracks
Luja Touhu Prod.

Hiatus - Live In Brno

Live In Brno

- Belgium
Cassette Album16 Tracks
Zatsu-on Records

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