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Auktion - Hardcore Punk from United States - Biography & Full Album Download MP3


Hardcore Punk Band from United States

Rock'n'Roll-influenced Hardcore band from Umeå, Sweden. Started in 2003, now split-up.

Band Members :   Bjorn, Eric, Kajsa, Emanuel, Papa, Potin, Sara

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- Biography -

3 albums

Auktion - Spader Ess

Spader Ess

2010 - United States
Punk, Hardcore, Rock & Roll
Cassette Album14 Tracks
Muerte Negra Discos

Auktion - Against Empire / Auktion

Against Empire / Auktion

2009 - United States
Punk, Hardcore, Crust
Vinyl 7"4 Tracks
Threat To Existence, Rust And Machine, Sysdum...

Auktion - D-Beat R

D-Beat R'n'R Mayhem

2005 - United States
Punk, Hardcore, Rock & Roll
Vinyl LP13 Tracks
Assel Records

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