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Mushroom Attack - Punk Hardcore from Netherlands - Biography & Full Album Download MP3

Mushroom Attack

Punk Hardcore Band from Netherlands

Punk band from Groningen,Holland.
Started under the name Human Error in 1989, changed it to Reality Attack and eventually Mushroom Attack in 1990. After they disbanded, three of the members formed 'Fleas And Lice'.

Band Members :   Piet, Maynard, Robbie

- Biography -

3 albums

Mushroom Attack - The Fight Goes On

The Fight Goes On

2001 - Netherlands
Punk, Hardcore
CD Album Compilation23 Tracks

Mushroom Attack - Mushroom Attack / Ξεχασμένη Προφητεία

Mushroom Attack / Ξεχασμένη Προφητεία

1990 - Netherlands
Punk, Hardcore
Vinyl LP14 Tracks
Loony Tunes Records

Mushroom Attack - Mushroom Attack

Mushroom Attack

- Netherlands
Cassette Album Compilation19 Tracks
Trująca Fala

- Videos Mushroom Attack -

20 Videos

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