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Exit-Stance - Punk Hardcore from United Kingdom - Biography & Full Album Download MP3


Punk Hardcore Band from United Kingdom formed in 1982

Exit-Stance were one of the heavier sounding 'Anarcho' bands, from Milton Keynes, UK.

Formed in 1982 from an earlier band called 'Fuck Authority', by members Mark 'Jevs' Jeavons, Dave Paul, and Sean Finnis. The band then brought in sixteen-year-old drummer, Andy Williams, allowing Mark to go back to being bassist. The band then decided to record a small set and had their friend Tom Dallen help them go on a small tour. They were eventually banned from playing gigs for displaying disturbing art behind themselves on the walls, that attacked religion.

Back home the band received a call from Colin Jerwood of Conflict, who invited the band down to Alaska Studios to record a track for a compilation.They managed to record their song fast enough to record several more songs, which were ultimately released as their first E.P. titled Crime Against Humanity. Whilst preparing to tour their first E.P., alongside Conflict (2) the band got into a bad car accident, resulting in Andy being taken to the hospital unconscious, slung over someone's shoulder. After the tour, Andy left the band due to an illness and was replaced by their friend Darren 'Daz' Pugh who played some shows with the band until he ditched them at a gig, leaving Conflict's drummer Paco (9) to fill in. The band then managed to get in touch with Andy and they begged him to rejoin the band, which he agreed to do.

Andy returned just in time to record the While Backs Are Turned... 12" which was released in 1986,and a tour was played with Conflict to promote it. The tour involved several gigs were they had to fight back against constant threats from skinheads and the police. Unfortunately, the band became disillusioned with the scene, claiming to have gotten tired of the'constant criticism... being judged all the time, attacked for not being perfect,... people always wondering if we were conforming to the 'anarchist rule book'! ' The band did begin working on their next album, but split while writing new material

In 2003 the band reformed, but it didn't last long and they split soon after.
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Band Members :   Emily Condon, Kurt, Andy Williams, Sean Finnis, Jevs, Franck, Dave Paul

- Biography -

4 albums

Exit stance - Retch With Mother

Retch With Mother

2020 - United Kingdom
CD EP6 Tracks
Grow Your Own Records

Exit stance - Saying Nothing (But Speaking My Mind)

Saying Nothing (But Speaking My Mind)

2017 - United Kingdom
Hardcore, Punk
CD Mini-Album9 Tracks
Imminent Destruction Records

Exit stance - While Backs Are Turned...

While Backs Are Turned...

1985 - United Kingdom
Vinyl 12"7 Tracks
Mortarhate Records

Exit stance - Crime Against Humanity

Crime Against Humanity

1984 - United Kingdom
Vinyl 7"3 Tracks
Fight Back Records

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  Exitstance - Live EP 25/3/84
  Exit-stance 1983 Demo       1
  Exit-stance - While Backs Are Turned       2

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