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Defiance, Ohio - Punk from United States - Biography & Full Album Download MP3

Defiance, Ohio

Punk Band from United States

Defiance, Ohio is a punk rock band from Columbus, Ohio. However, they are named after the town of Defiance, Ohio, in far northwest Ohio, near Toledo. The band features a violin, cello, and double bass. They have released four full-length LPs, as well as a handful of split recordings. Their music has typically been released through smaller independent labels. They are known for their association with Plan-It-X Records, as well as anti-capitalist themes.


Defiance, Ohio formed in 2002 as a three piece in Columbus, Ohio with Geoff on guitar, Ryan on Bass, and Will on drums. By the time they recorded their first demo, bz joined on violin, and Sherri on cello. Their first album Share What Ya Got was self released on CDr and on vinyl by Friends and Relatives. It was later reissued on vinyl by No Idea. The band moved to Bloomington, Indiana, released two split EPs with Ghost Mice, and One Reason and toured the US extensively, as well as Iceland. In 2004 Will moved to Eureka, California, and Theo Hilton filled in on drums. Will returned from California, and Theo stayed with the band, switching back and forth on drums and guitar.

The Great Depression was released in 2006 on No Idea. After making the decisions to work with No Idea, the band felt a need to explain their actions and maintain the sense of dialogue that they feel has been consistent in how they have conducted themselves as a band. They said that they would have preferred to release the album themselves, but that they did not have the capacity to do so while continuing to keep older releases in print.In 2007 the band released a split EP with Environmental Youth Crunch, and a full-length The Fear, The Fear, The Fear on No Idea. Theo moved to Athens, Georgia, while the band continued to practice, tour and write together, and they toured Australia for the first time.

In 2009 the band released 4 songs as a benefit for the Icarus Project. These songs were later remastered and released as part of the full-length Midwestern Minutes in 2010. Geoff relocated to Chicago. Due to band members moving to different cities, and starting other musical projects, activity has slowed down in recent years compared to consistent and extensive touring of earlier years. Their latest release is a 6-song EP, The Calling on No Idea. Their last tour was in 2015.Most of the members of Defiance, Ohio also participate in other bands, such as Nana Grizol, Pretty Hot, Landlord, Pink Houses, Hymns, Disaster, High Dive, Memento Mori (now defunct), and other musical projects. Ryan Woods is also part-owner of the popular vegetarian restaurant The Owlery in Bloomington, Indiana.


CurrentRyan Woods – double bass, bass, vocals (2002–present)

Geoff Hing – guitar, vocals (2002–present)

Will Staler – drums, guitar, vocals (2002–present)

Elizabeth "BZ" Gibbs – violin (2002–present)

Sherri Miller – cello, banjo, vocals (2002–present)

Theo Hilton – drums, guitar, vocals (2005–present)

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Band Members :   BZ Gibbs, Theo Hilton, Sherri Miller, Will Staler, Geoff Hing, Ryan Woods

- Biography -

10 albums

Defiance Ohio - Anxious and Worrying

Anxious and Worrying

2015 - United States
Punk, Acoustic
Lathe Cut 7"1 Tracks
Joyful Noise Recordings

Defiance Ohio - The Calling

The Calling

2013 - United States
Punk, Folk Rock
Vinyl 12"6 Tracks
No Idea Records

Defiance Ohio - Midwestern Minutes

Midwestern Minutes

2010 - United States
Punk, Folk Rock
Vinyl LP11 Tracks
No Idea Records

Defiance Ohio - The Fear, The Fear, The Fear

The Fear, The Fear, The Fear

2007 - United States
Vinyl LP10 Tracks
No Idea Records

Defiance Ohio - Defiance, Ohio / Environmental Youth Crunch

Defiance, Ohio / Environmental Youth Crunch

2007 - United States
Vinyl 7"4 Tracks
Dead Tank Records

Defiance Ohio - The Great Depression

The Great Depression

2006 - United States
Punk, Folk Rock, Acoustic
CD Album13 Tracks
No Idea Records

Defiance Ohio - Defiance, Ohio / Ghost Mice Split

Defiance, Ohio / Ghost Mice Split

2004 - United States
CD Album10 Tracks

Defiance Ohio - One Reason / Defiance, Ohio

One Reason / Defiance, Ohio

2004 - United States
Vinyl 7"4 Tracks
Anti-creative Records

Defiance Ohio - Kiwi / Defiance, Ohio

Kiwi / Defiance, Ohio

2003 - United States
Punk, Dance-pop, Folk
CDr EP5 Tracks
Not On Label (defiance, Ohio Self-released)

Defiance Ohio - Share What Ya Got

Share What Ya Got

2003 - United States
Punk, Folk Rock
Vinyl LP12 Tracks
Friends And Relatives Records

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