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Whale Wars - Season 1 (sea shepherd)

Discussion in 'Documentaries & Movies' started by ungovernable, May 26, 2010.

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    Episode 01:
    Whale Wars - "Needle in a Haystack"

    Paul Watson is the captain and founder of Sea Shepherd, a radical environmental group dedicated to ending whaling in Antarctica. As Paul's inexperienced crew sets sail from Melbourne, Australia he wonders if they are up to the challenge of such a dangerous campaign.

    Episode 02:
    Whale Wars - "Nothing's Ideal"

    After spotting a whaling ship, Captain Watson devises a plan for two crew members to board it - but his plan sparks a safety debate that divides the team. As two volunteers enlist for the mission, they are immediately detained as the ship speeds away with two of the Sea Shepherd members still aboard.

    Episode 03:
    Whale Wars - "International Incidents R Us"

    With whalers holding two Sea Shepherd crew members hostage, Captain Watson rejects an offer to release them, forcing the Australian and Japanese governments to negotiate their return. Following an attack on the whalers and loss of radio contact, four crew members are stranded in the middle of the pitch-black, cold Antarctic night.

    Episode 04:
    Whale Wars - "WE ARE HOOLIGANS"

    After three long days, Pottsy and Giles are transferred back from the Yushin Maru and become instant celebrities with the media. Just as they are settling back in, the crew is concerned when they discover an unknown ship has been following them! The Captain plans a surprise recon on the mystery ship to determine its intentions. The Delta and Helicopter are launched together in order to ambush the vessel and they discover it's a spy ship for the Japanese whalers. Paul persuades his crew to attack the spy ship, but just as the Delta boat is preparing to launch, a crucial tool on the Steve Irwin breaks — the hydraulic crane. Not only is the attack aborted, but the whole Sea Shepherd's mission is in jeopardy.

    Episode 05:
    Whale Wars - "Doors Slamming and Things Breaking"

    The crew are forced to leave their trail of a Japanese boat in order to go back to Melbourne in order to make some repairs to two damaged engines. But their trip home will not be smooth after meeting up with a fierce storm.

    Episode 06:
    Whale Wars - "Ladies First"

    After noticing that the spy ship Fukuyoshi Maru № 68 has found and followed the Steve Irwin again, Captain Watson unsuccessfully attempts to send four female crewmembers to board the vessel to deliver a warrant. This leads to a man's injured thumb and a woman's injured pelvis. At dusk, the entire ship experiences a power outage, leaving it drifting through an iceberg field without operating engines.

    Episode 07 - Finale:
    Whale Wars - "Boiling Point"

    The MV Steve Irwin finally finds and comes face to face with the Japanese whaling factory ship Nisshin Maru, which Watson considers the "most evil" vessel in international waters. The two ships exchange irritation bombs. The captain survives an alleged gunshot wound.

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    Mar 1, 2010
    I hate whale wars with a passion, the entire cast is full of self-righteous media whores