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Warning For UK Activists!

Discussion in 'Anarchism and radical activism' started by Ignorance1312, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. Ignorance1312

    Ignorance1312Member Forum Member




    Sep 3, 2012
    The London based group ALARM posted this today about a "Seamus Colligan":

    "This man calls himself an anarchist. He is an attempted rapist, uses abuse & violence against women and accuses them of being undercover cops when they leave him.
    He has compared a group of people who signed a statement against sexual harassment to Nazis & called the 6 victims liars or undercover cops. He even sent messages of support & set up a fake account pretending to be the sexual predator
    He has has published the details of various anarcha-feminists online along with violent threats including giving the home address of an antifascist to the EDL and another to the Met Police.
    He believes militant feminism to be similar to fascism.
    He has claimed proudly that he has snitched on anarchists he didn’t like to the police.
    When he was chucked out of his squat for being a sex pest, he sold stories to papers that the squatters had been planning action for the Royal Wedding, the squatters later got evicted & made homeless.
    He claimed that he showed up with the antifascists in Walthamstow but according to his twitter, his only intent was to attack an anti-fascist who he didn’t like.
    Make his face known to all anarchists as he is dangerous to all of us, especially women. More pictures are at http://www.blacbloc.tumblr.com"

    The point of this post is to make others aware of this individual who pretends to be an "anarchist" but passes on personal information about comrades to the fascist EDL, the Met. Police and abuses women.

    Libcom.org had this to say: http://libcom.org/blog/warning-tout-03092012

    And one of the man's victims has made an e-mail exchange available for everyone to read: http://www.binrand.com/post/2508441-abo ... cbloc.html

    Although the evidence seems quite clear, I would like to say that ,as having empathy for humans, I would like to avoid a "witch hunt" , BUT BE CAREFUL AND AWARE!

  2. Feliz

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    Oct 4, 2011
    Thx for the warning. This shit makes me want to throw up. I guess we have to be aware, a lot of people claim to be anarchists, who clearly have nothing in common with those ideas. There are assholes EVERYwhere.