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Under the Sun-demo 2018

Discussion in 'Other downloads' started by 7in_crust, Jul 30, 2018.

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    Jun 14, 2017
    Under the Sun is a new project from Greece but the members carry a history in greek scene since '90's in bands such as Forgotten Prophecy and Industrial Suicide and later in Tantalum, Hellstorm and others and with such experienced guys, what they bring can not be bad: The demo consists of four songs and delivers D-beat Crust with old school flavor, total running time is nearly twelve minutes. This is currently available in bandcamp and youtube.

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    The Dark Side Of The Moon - Immersion Box Set
    Release Date : 2011

    Digital remaster ℗ 2011 The copyright in this music is owned by Pink Floyd Music Ltd under exclusive licence to EMI Records Ltd. © 2011 Pink Floyd Music Ltd.Box set also includes:36-page 26cm x 26 cm booklet designed by Storm Thorgerson, 20-page 26cm x 26 cm photo book edited by Jill Furmanovsky, exclusive Art Print, 4 x Collectors' Cards featuring art and comments by Storm Thorgerson, repl

    Label - EMI

    EMI was the label of UK company EMI Records Ltd., also known as EMI Records.
    Label Code: LC 0542 / LC 00542.
    bEMI did not exist as a label until 1 January 1973 (the exception being a few Indian releases around 1969 and 60s Australian test-pressings related to EMI Studios Sydney). It should not be added as a label to any release before that date, aside from those Indian releases. Furthermore it should not be added as a label on any release with a primary branded label such as His Master's Voice, Columbia, Pathé, Parlophone, Capitol Records, etc., as the boxed EMI logo that appears with the primary label simply implies that the label formed part of the EMI Group (please do not confuse with l1032063), not that EMI was a label. In these cases, it is permitted to add EMI as a Record Company (url=https://www.discogs.com/forum/thread/357844discussion/url / url=https://www.discogs.com/forum/thread/768565more discussion/url) as it was the corporate logo of the parent companies l293204 / l359207 (EMI) and was not intended as a label./b

    From 1996 until September 2012 the ultimate parent company / owner of all the EMI labels and companies was EMI Group Ltd. (l1032063.)

    After that date Universal Music Group now owns large parts of the former EMI Group, with the former EMI Records Ltd. (which includes most EMI UK & Europe operations) being renamed as Parlophone Records Ltd. and being sold off to the Warner Music Group.

    EMI was a major label and had a lot of sub and sister labels which also carry the EMI logo and manage its huge amount of releases all over the world.

    uThe EMI country codes (introduced on 1 June, 1969)/u: In most cases the EMI Codes are the first two letters of the record's catalog#. These EMI Country Codes were used to indicate the country in which the record was pressed. Note this doesn't necessarily means the record was also released in that country. Please enter this catalogue number against whichever label is branded on the release.

    OC = UK
    0C = UK
    1A = Netherlands
    1C = Germany
    1E = UK
    1J = Spain
    2C = France
    2E = Austria
    2J = Greece
    3C = Italy
    3E = Switzerland
    4B, 4C = Belgium
    4E = Sweden
    5C = Netherlands
    5E = Finland
    6C = Denmark
    6E = Denmark
    7C = Sweden
    7E = Norway
    8E = Portugal
    9C = Finland
    10C = Spain
    11C = Portugal
    12C = Austria
    13C = Switzerland
    14C = Greece
    16C = Australia (unused on releases)
    17C = New Zealand (unused on releases)
    31C = Brazil
    32C = Chile
    33C = Mexico
    82C = South Africa

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