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Russian (Ukraine) Murder - 2008 - Back To Hell

Discussion in 'International anarcho-punk downloads' started by christcollapse, Sep 1, 2009.

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    Aug 31, 2009
    Download : http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?hzmwrmnkzjd

    (Ukraine) Murder - 2008 - Back To Hell
    01 - Back To Hell
    02 - Betraya
    03 - Clone The Cloned Clowns
    04 - Mass Media Murder
    05 - No Escape
    06 - Hard To Breathe
    07 - High Youth
    08 - Nuclear War Cocksucker
    09 - Plastic Thoughts
    10 - You Suck We're Punk
    11 - Fade Away


    The Zoth Ommog Years 1989 - 1999
    Release Date : 2020

    Released in a hinged cardboard box containing 10 individual card sleeves and a booklet.

    Murder Biography

    Leaether Strip is the work of Danish electronic dance artist Claus Larsen. Discovered by the German techno artist and producer Talla 2XLC (Bigod 20), Leæther Strip quickly built a buzz as one of the young acts in Europe in the early 90's. His debut release in 1990 was the album "The Pleasure of Penetration". By the time of Leaether Strip's third release, Solitary Confinement, the act also was released in the United States.

    Several bands appear under the name Murder:

    1) Murder are a d-beat/melodic crust band from Kiev, Ukraine. Formed in 2007 by the Shurik (guitar/vocal), Dasha (bass) and Dima (drums), band released the first CD "Back To Hell" in 2008, when change line-up Sjava (guitar/vocals), Dasha (bass) and Dima (drums). In 2012 Shurik back on guitar, and Dasha leave band, Sjava goes on bass/vocal, with this line-up Murder release second CD "Our Last Battlefield". In 2015 Sjava leave band, when Sasha(bass), and Artem (vocal) joine the band.

    2) Jacob Bellens and Anders Mathiasen make up the Danish duo Murder. Piercing, profound melancholy vocals are repeatedly supported by alleviating lullaby riffs. Murder's debut album "One Year From Now It's My Birthday" came out in 2005, and followed up with "Stockholm Syndrome" which was released 2006 on GoodTapeRecords. In addition, lead singer Jacob Bellens has released a cd with the band I got You on Tape in 2006.

    3) Murder are a grindcore/hardcore/death metal band formed in the Summer of 06'. Because they became tired of the scene in San Diego being dead. Trying to bring it back by playing actual music and something to give kids a reason to dance for. Lance, Matt Kirk, Chris Simmons, Big Chris, and Matt Butler, came together to create Murder.

    4) Murder is a death metal band from Ecuador. In 2007 they released "Dying" album on El Sotano.

    5) Murder is a black metal band from Serbia formed by members of The Stone and May Result.

    6) Murder is an alias of Masaki Satsu.

    7) Created in late 2021 in São Paulo, capital of the Brazilian SP state, Murder is a Brazilian Thrash/Speed Metal band created by Matheus Costa of Tassh (Vocalist and Rythm Guitar) and co-created by Davi Ascencio (Bass). Amid the great inspirations of bands like , , , , and others, they had the idea of their sound, creating their aggressive and heavy sound present in their compositions. Albums that greatly inspired this genre are: and by , and by and by . With its first release, , is already ready to starts its activities in 2023, promising great shows with lots of emotion and good and heavy music for headbangers showing real Brazilian heavy metal to the world. Repairs and releases will be released soon, all for now in the city São Paulo (Brazil).

    Business contact: murdermetal.oficial@gmail.com

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Cleopatra

    Los Angeles-based independent record label founded in 1992 by entrepreneur and music fan, a511570.
    Brian acquired his love for the music business by becoming an active participant in the Los Angeles club scene through the 1980/90's. The label was officially launched with three releases, a11286 (a space rock band from the SF bay area), followed by the release of a233658's "On Parole". The third release, was actually a series of reissues by electronic pioneers a4654.
    They specialize in all genres, including A Capella, Acid, Adult, Aggro Rock, Ambient, Big Band, Blues, Breakbeat, Breaks, Chill, Drum & Bass, Electronica, Experimental, Gothic, Hardcore, Indie, Industrial, Krautrock, New Wave, Oi!, Punk, Reggae, Synthpop and Techno.




    Ted Kaczynski