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Two benefit compilations for victims of the repression in Colombia

Discussion in 'Music, punk scene & subcultures' started by pogo pope, May 9, 2021.

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    Mar 17, 2021
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    (Article taken from the blog lamortdunemoderniste.wordpress.com)

    Note: « Colombia, the « happiest » country in the world »
    Image taken from Muro’s Pacificar LP. Artwork done by Wilson Melo (@wilson.jmelo on Instagram).

    Coucou, les chaton.ne.s! We’re back with another entry. As you may already know, here in Colombia we’re living a very delicate social and political situation. In April 28th, a national strike, which, in general terms, is meant for the claims of different social and economic rights as well as showcasing the government’s bad management during the COVID-19 pandemic (among other topics) started and hasn’t stopped yet. Since then, colombian state’s repression hasn’t took a nap either and different cases of police brutality and abuse of power have been denounced everyday in both national and international media. There’s also been some kind of censorship on social media since most of the « reels », « stories » and posts have been either removed without any authorization or even some profiles are « shadowbanned » or « temporarily unable to post anything ». This is not a joke and everyone out there should be aware of this. So, two colombian hardcore/punk benefit compilations were released today and all the proceeds will be directly donated to the victims of this nightmare. Never forget, les chaton.ne.s! « Punk is Love, Hardcore is a Network of Friends » (quoting Pisschrist’s song entitled Punk Is Love). Finally, you can look for some alternate media profiles on Instagram such as ONG Temblores, La Oreja Roja, Baudó AP, Pilas!, Prímera Línea Col, among others, (some of them have their posts translated in english as well) that currently are keeping informed the population and also are receiving donations (sadly, the colombian peso is a weak currency) . Please spread the word. Thanks in advance, les chaton.ne.s! Without further ado, let’s begin.

    « La Masacre Continúa » benefit compilation. Curated by Chaos-T Records (Catalunya, Spain)


    Featured bands: Muro, Primer Régimen, Amenazas, Systema, Víctimas, Dissocial, Krujido, Final, Chikungunya, Die In Silence (Colombia), Trampa, Unidad Ideológica, Alambrada (Colombia/Venezuela), Sinnaciön (Colombia/France), Ataque Zero (Colombia/Venezuela/France), Lumpen, Subvelación (Colombia/Catalunya, Spain), Porvenir Oscuro, Purgä (Colombia/USA), X2000 (Colombia/Sweden) and Cuerpos De Paz (Colombia/Denmark/UK).

    This is a pretty interesting modern hardcore punk bands compilation featuring some of the current exponents of the subgenre here in the country. Most of these outfits have been exceedingly featured here in the blog, for example, Muro, Primer Régimen and Final, and some others, well, I hope they will be featured anytime soon. All the featured tracks make reference to state repression, police brutality, war crimes, terrorism, colombian inner conflict and more. And, yes, the predominant sound herein is d-beat (with the iconic tupatutupa latin american hardcore execution) but there are some bands adding in other elements from UK82, oi!/street punk, punk ibérico, post punk and even grindcore to some extent. Don’t worry, this is the kind of short, fast and angry hardcore as fuck we love. I’d also like to remark the inclusion of both Unidad Ideológica and Cuerpos De Paz tracks, which are exclusive to this sampler, since these bands haven’t released yet their respective material thus far so I cannot wait until that time comes. Oh, and I almost forgot. Did you notice the « 6402, ¿Quién dio la orden? » (6402, Who gave the order? in spanish) phrase? Well, according to Justicia Especial para la Paz – JEP, the transitional justice court (created after the Peace Treaty signed between the colombian state and the FARC, a now defunct guerrilla) 6402 is the number of « falsos positivos » (civilians disguised as members of combating groups outside of the law and taken down « in combat ») victims between 2002 and 2008. These extrajudicial killings are allegedly attributed to colombian military forces and currently are investigated by the national justice system. « Who gave the order? »…Finally, click on the image above for getting redirected to the official bandcamp account where you can listen to/buy/download for free this compilation. Highly recommended. Enjoy!

    « Compilado a beneficio de las víctimas del terrorismo de estado Colombiano » benefit compilation. Curated by Cansino Records (Argentina)


    Featured bands: Fértil Miseria, Bastardos Sin Nombre – B.S.N., H.P.H.C., Anti-Todo, Polikarpa Y Sus Viciosas, G.P., Ceache – C.H., Rasix, KontraOrden, La Misma Porkeria, Censura, Los Suziox, I.R.A., Imagen, Los Restos, Restos de Tragedia, Ataque de Sonido, Demencia Libertaria, Libra, Infesto, Dexconcierto, Desastre, P-Ne, Eskoria, Sociedad Violenta and Crimen Impune (Colombia).

    This is an outstanding colombian hardcore and punk compilation curated by Cansino, a netlabel (?) created by Max Setentista, a dude/tte from Argentina that compiles and publish different hardcore punk releases on his/her/their YouTube channel (If you’d like to know more about it, click here). Now, it’s pretty interesting to remark that this compilation reunites some of, if not, the best colombian hardcore and punk bands from the late-80s/early-90s era (most of them from the so-called punk medallo movement, you know, the original colombian hardcore punk sound). All of them, as you may have guessed, are now disbanded and defunct with the exception of I.R.A., Demencia Libertaria, Restos de Tragedia, Infesto, Polikarpa Y Sus Viciosas and Fértil Miseria. So, yeah, you will find in here, in general terms, short, loud and fast hardcore punk, mostly influenced by 80s british and american hardcore, with the passionate and not so « professional » latin american touch. Even some of them, such as Ataque de Sonido and HPHC, are part of a forgotten chapter of both grindcore and thrashcore’s historical evolution. And, of course, there’s Libra (IMHO, the best colombian punk band ever) and, hey, that’s a plus. Period. Ha ha ha. We already have mentioned these bands in different past entries (there’s in fact ONE particular entry that I need to update…Go look for it, les chaton.ne.s!) but I hope to write more exceedingly about them in the near future…Oh, and I almost forgot. There’s an intro track that narrates some of the current situation here in Colombia. It is in spanish, though. But in general, terms, it explains the colombian people’s insatisfaction towards the government’s current politics as well as a brief history of the local inner conflict which apparently never ceased to exist…Finally, click on the image above for getting redirected to the official bandcamp account where you can listen to/buy/download for free this compilation. Highly recommended. Enjoy and until next time. Kisses and hugs!
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