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Trot Watch

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by butcher, Jun 1, 2010.

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    Sep 8, 2009

    share your funny or frustrating stories about the Trots here!

    I'll get the ball rolling:

    Saturday, 1st May. 2010, Socialist Alternative (SAlt) ‘Celebration of May Day’ public meeting.

    Edgar Paez, Liaison Officer of Colombia’s Sinaltrainal Union, has been in Melbourne campaigning for the boycott of Coca-Cola products. He asks we support this boycott as a measure of solidarity with his union’s struggles against Coca-Cola and their use of assassins and paramilitaries to kill Sinaltrainal members.

    Edgar was asked on the day to speak at the Socialist Alternative (SAlt) May Day public meeting, which he agreed to do. He was accompanied by a member of the Latin American Solidarity Network and a member of the Socialist Party (SP). On entry of said SP comrade, certain members of SAlt requested he leave their public meeting. Discussion and conflict ensued. During this time, several members of SAlt prudently removed the Coca-Cola they had had on sale at their stall to raise party funds. In time, the class enemy was successfully ejected from the meeting, and thus Edgar spoke only to those with the correct theoretical perspective. Victory to the workers!