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The Lobotomies - Big Bang Hangover (2009)

Discussion in 'Anarcho-Punk music albums downloads' started by JimMD, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. JimMD

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    Dec 14, 2009
     United Kingdom


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    The Lobotomies - Big Bang Hangover
    Anarchist hardcore punk from Belfast. Debut album released October 2009.

    1. The Defeated
    2. 3rd Reich Guesthouse
    3. Shitcore
    4. No Brain, No Pain
    5. A Better Plan
    6. Year Zero
    7. Heir of the Dogma
    8. The Numb
    9. Bloodsports with Lapdogs
    10. Preaching to the Not-So Converted
    11. Big Bang Hangover
    12. A Band on Hope
    13. Dissent Vent
    14. Cop Out
    15. Survival of the Smartest
    16. Freedom
    17. Enoch's Legacy


    Big Bang Hangover
    Release Date : 2009

    The Lobotomies Biography

    Genre: Punk/Hardcore

    Band Members:
    Kev Bones- Guitar/vox
    Dan Bastard- Guitar/vox
    Paul Decoy-Bass/vox
    Jim MD-Drums/vox

    Hometown: Belfast



    Faster than feck punk band from Belfast, Northern Ireland. ''Serving up raw catchy hardcore punk that still manages to keep it's melodic side and be thrashy from start to finish. That's quite a feat. Where their contemporaries fail at keeping your attention and songs seem to become a blur, the Lobotomies manage to fuse their punk and hardcore influences into a coherent assault leaving their generic counterparts waning. DIY hardcore punk as it was meant to be. With so many shows under their belt they just keep getting better.''


    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - EHC Records

    Professional Screen printing at affordable prices and also a Ska/Punk/Hardcore label based in Evesham UK home to The Infested, The Cunts, The Lobotomies, Officer Down
  2. F***H

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    Sep 17, 2009
    Thanks for this! Can't wait to catch the next UK tour and get the CD
  3. JimMD

    JimMDExperienced Member Experienced member




    Dec 14, 2009
     United Kingdom
    Our pleasure! Should be back on the road in the spring. Tell your friends. And your enemies too.
  4. punkmar77

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    Nov 13, 2009
     United States
    Dope, thank you so much, how can we contact the band?
  5. JimMD

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    Dec 14, 2009
     United Kingdom
  6. JimMD

    JimMDExperienced Member Experienced member




    Dec 14, 2009
     United Kingdom
    2 of our previous releases are now also available for free download. 'Drink, Pass Out, Repeat!' (2007) and our split with The Cunts (2006). Both of these releases are now out-of-print. Enjoy!

    KARABASMember Forum Member




    Apr 8, 2010
    thanks from Belarus :thumbsup:
  8. Probe

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    Jan 30, 2010
    sorry but if someone doesn't mind me asking...hows the sound quality?
    EDIT: second thought don't worry about answering that question :D
  9. JimMD

    JimMDExperienced Member Experienced member




    Dec 14, 2009
     United Kingdom
    No, that's a fine question to ask. They're all high quality mp3s, so you should get very high fidelity. No lo-fi shit here! Haha.

  10. JimMD

    JimMDExperienced Member Experienced member




    Dec 14, 2009
     United Kingdom
    Just a quick post to ask if anyone can help us with some gigs on our upcoming european tour. We require a gig in south or west Poland on Sunday 23rd May, and a gig in north or west Germany on Tuesday 25th May. The tour is with Only Fumes & Corpses (great hardcore band from Galway, IE). If anyone can help get in touch at thelobotomies@gmail.com or leave a comment here. We're not looking for much money, and we'll have all our equipment with us.

  11. ungovernable

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    Aug 21, 2009
    Male, 35 years old
    Canada Canada
    those guys are so cool... they sent me a promo CD for free! still listening to it, and i talked about the band to a couple of friends ;)
  12. Probe

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    Jan 30, 2010
    yea musics great too :D
  13. JimMD

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    Dec 14, 2009
     United Kingdom
    Some people have been asking for the lyrics for this album, so here they are!

    1. The Defeated

    Grow up give up get back in line
    Start loving money stop wasting time
    Just learn to obey and you’ll be fine
    Join ranks with the defeated
    Cut your own soul out, hold it high
    Try to be happy accept their lies
    We just want an easy life they cry
    Join ranks with the defeated

    Just because you’ve given up
    Don’t mean we can’t give a fuck

    Shrug your shoulders bow your head
    Know your place cos punk is dead
    Nostalgia sleeps in boredom’s bed
    Join ranks with the defeated
    Selfish is sacred, you’re too young to see
    Don’t scare us with ideas and urgency
    Lose all your hope, in entropy
    Join ranks with the defeated

    Just because you’ve given up
    Don’t mean we can’t give a fuck

    When the ghost of hope no longer haunts you
    The years have trampled on your dreams
    And governments no longer fill your heart with anger
    You’ve learned to live life on your knees

    2. Third Reich Guesthouse

    Get off my TV
    You hate filled little man
    You’re running a guesthouse
    Not the Ku Klux Klan

    You only wanted to stay for bed and breakfast
    But you take it in the arse so you can burn can burn in hell yea
    Welcome to the Third Reich Guesthouse
    Wake up in the morning to the sound of goose steps

    Bible bashing bigots
    Have control of this land
    Spreading vile hatred sugar-coated
    As (their) Gods’ master plan.

    I thought we’d progressed
    Further than this
    Ignorant and backward
    Medieval mindset
    But sadly I’m wrong
    And the bigotry still remains
    Will this so-called civilised world ever fucking change?

    3. Shitcore

    More a haircut than a band
    Make up caked on men
    High guitars, nautical stars
    A three letter word for farce

    Making cash off of misery
    Generation MTV
    A teenage crutch, the idea sucks
    Puberty pays off big bucks

    No more shitcore

    Same singer, different group
    A steaming bowl of genre soup
    All thrown in the same tin
    Bands the only ones who win

    Grow up, grow out of it
    Realise it's a pile of shit
    Make a stand to shitcore bands
    Don't put money in their hands.

    4. No Brain, No Pain

    If you’re not gonna think about it
    Things will never change
    People suffer while others watch
    Don’t you think that’s strange?

    You drift along without a care
    Like a brainless Stepford wife
    Oblivious to famine, war
    And pestilence so rife

    An entire globe of wretchedness
    A desperate scream of helplessness
    A thousand miles away to your front door
    No thought, no brain, no pain. No more!

    No brain, no pain

    Ignorance is bliss i’m told
    But not for those you shun
    Injustices, disparity
    I hope you’re having fun

    Did you have some brain removed?
    To take out your conscience?
    You only care about yourself
    To me, that makes no sense

    5. A Better Plan

    I guess we get to choose if we win or if we lose
    But the story of my life is getting harder to peruse
    Now our lives change and we live our lives over again

    It's getting harder every night to bring myself to write
    All these letters of revenge that will never get sent
    And now I think I'm running out of ink in my pen

    Useless, useless
    I'm useless but I'm used to it

    No wonder that your game is up before you've even won
    When the ladder that you're climbing uses people as it's rungs
    And now you're getting older and I think it's time to quit, my son

    This is what it feels like, it's a rocky place to sit
    I've been here before and now I'm getting fucking sick of it
    First to complain, too tired to explain this game

    I'm useless, useless
    I've got to find a better plan to be a man

    6. Year Zero

    Three million murdered in five short years
    Stripped of all that they hold dear
    A shattered people, hearts filled with fear
    Left with bitter memories and broken tears

    Tortured and beaten by familiar faces
    Then herded like cattle to their cages
    Battered and bruised their throats are slit
    Pushed into their shallow morbid pits

    We looked away
    Yea we did nothing
    And yet today
    It’s exactly the same, do we feel no shame?

    As I walk across these scattered bones
    And I gaze upon this mound of skulls
    I still see the faces in front of me
    Is there nothing humane about humanity?

    Are we forever doomed to behave insane?
    Content to maim and murder, treat peoples’ lives like games
    Letting mad men seize control enforcing genocidal ideas
    Responsibility lies with everyone; yes we’re all to blame

    We hide away from the world, desensitised
    Turning another blind eye to the genocide
    Unless there’s something to be gained then our eyes sparkle with greed
    Then we’re first to ‘’intervene’’ like a cat to the cream

    7. Heir of the Dogma

    Damned by your dogma
    No hope for coup d’état
    Just talking blah blah blah
    Another sad saga

    Held back by the memories
    Doctrines of your luminaries
    Learn the lessons of the past
    Look far beyond long shadows cast

    Teachings you recall
    You worship your idol
    Got posters on the wall
    Won’t think freely at all

    Out-dated, you’re trapped
    Irrelevant, not apt
    Your potential untapped
    Your fervour drained and sapped

    Just lacking foresight
    You’ve given up the fight
    Sit at your desk and write
    Historical insight

    What about today?
    Got something new to say?
    About social decay?
    Can you see another way?

    8. The Numb

    Jon used to be unstoppable but now he’s not so sure
    The history behind him it ain't one that he’d prefer
    A prison of a future lies before him to endure
    It’s time to get away from nowhere
    Jen used to be unstoppable but work got in the way
    Common tragedy is not to be enjoying why she’s paid
    As courage pursues better dreams she knows she just can’t stay
    It’s time to get away from nowhere

    Get away - 'cause things always seem better somewhere else
    Away - but the author of the future is yourself
    We're going nowhere

    Brian thinks he’s still unstoppable, least once this horse has run
    It masks financial ruin when it comes in ten to one
    But the grip of both addictions cost the love of wife and son
    It’s time to get away from nowhere
    They used to be unstoppable somewhere back there they died
    It could have been fate’s devilry, it might have been his lies
    They can argue over reasons, they can fuck with hating eyes
    But it’s time to get away from nowhere

    The young think they’re unstoppable, the old feel there’s no hope
    In between the devil’s bargain: swallow money ‘til you choke
    We crave what lies beyond that one big noose around our throats
    It’s time to get away from nowhere

    9. Bloodsports with Lapdogs

    That ‘melancholy, long withdrawing roar’ has raised a storm
    Where state faith is forced by blackshirts on dissenting minds
    'cause god is dead like Nietzsche said but power eternal is still worshipped
    Pocket tyrannies a human testament
    Reading in between the lines I sing not just about the junta,
    And the putrid corporate whore-hounds who transfuse such regimes’ pulse
    The guilty number more than just the snarling fangs in uniform
    New homespun crisis ‘n media sniffers abandon them to fate
    The discarded, fight the black hearted
    We point the finger pass out blame
    But our inaction’s just the same

    Of course this sceptic’s glad poverty’s exiled to the past
    Humble head hung thanks go then, to pop and wrist bands both
    Those mass displays of empty empathy showed up our sham democracy
    Frustrated mass of daily grinding cogs cry out for sabotage
    This anaesthetic influence of supposing they know and do what’s best
    Has crippled our good intentions leaving only the path to hell
    'cause the many shaken heads helped not the forsaken dead
    The caustic catechism - ‘nothing can be done’ - laughs last as they do

    This is not a circus, but it’s filled with clowns
    Laughing on the outside, we drink our demons down

    10. Preaching to the Not-so Converted

    Got writer's block, can’t think what to say
    Everything I pen it seems so stale and unproductive
    Another song about human suffering
    Another clever pun about this world’s great injustice

    Take a look at your precious little scene
    Full of ignorant apathetic morons drunk with complacency
    Is this really all the best that we can be?
    Sailing full steam ahead on a ship that’s doomed to sink

    Another anthem about the evils of the system
    Will it change a fucking thing? I doubt anyone will listen
    Sometimes I wonder if my life’s a fucking joke
    Then I take a look at yours and it gives me a glimmer of hope

    But am I just a hypocrite, wading through a sea of shit?
    No! I mean what I fucking say
    So take your punker than thou attitude, go prune your hair and shine your boots
    I’ve heard enough bullshit today

    11. Big Bang Hangover

    The only way in which I view this place
    Is with a point of view filled with disgrace
    Each and every day I see the human race
    Falling like an atom bomb from grace

    For a single day I wish that I
    Could view the world from someone else's eyes
    And not have a care, don't need to take a stance
    Live my life in blissful ignorance

    Behind your eyes
    There's not a care in the world keeping you from the prize
    But I see through the lies
    I see a planet ready to capsize
    And end humanity
    The death of a planet that I wish that I could see
    From behind your eyes which are so fucking blind

    So I hang my head, I won't make a sound
    Because like everybody else I'm nowhere bound
    And soon enough everything around
    Like a house of cards comes crashing down

    Projectile vomit spewing from TV
    A world that offers nothing to you or me
    Pack my bags, I'm off to join society
    And spend my life flirting with anxiety

    12. A Band on Hope

    A band on hope

    Hurtling forwards carried by an Idea
    Driven by the words scribed in Stilo in fifth gear
    Moved by those Fiats but with no recourse to our fates
    Inebriation in convoy with comrade reprobates

    All over this place are those who would be free
    Wresting a little happiness to live, autonomy
    Transient successes, but every bit as sweet
    See inspiration in the bright reflections that we meet

    The beams of light through bleakness
    To illuminate our way
    To know the ends are in the means
    Keeps hopelessness at bay

    Yeah there is hope

    13. Dissent Vent

    It’s just pointless, the feeble point you try to express
    Gets you nowhere, won’t change the thoughts of those who don’t care
    Grow a backbone, can’t change a damn thing when you condone
    Hierarchical rule, they’ll take you, break you, make you their tool

    A safety vent of dissent to dissipate the malcontent
    The statist cause you invent of no threat to government
    A safety vent of dissent to dissipate the malcontent
    The statist cause you invent of no threat to governmental control of our lives

    Lives are wasted, they buy the lies that they are force fed
    Trust the system, feigning freedom at elections
    Democracy, the brain washed bastards think that they’re free
    Think again please, not dead on your feet - dead on your knees

    Negate the system, no matter what don’t bargain with them
    State extortion, designed to crush if you don’t conform

    14. Cop Out

    I know you’ll say ‘its just a job’
    ‘A way to pay the bills’
    Implicit in the state’s evils
    You know this system kills

    You’ll tell me that you had no choice
    You had to join the ranks
    Be on the side of boys in blue
    The side of banks and tanks

    Buts its
    No excuse! Cop out!
    The long-armed law gripping night sticks
    No excuse! Cop out!
    Oppression’s agents make me feel sick
    No excuse! Cop out!
    Controlled pawns servile to the few
    No excuse! Cop out!
    We don’t need rulers, we don’t need you

    You say the fight’s too difficult
    We can never win
    So you’re gonna work the system
    ‘Do more good from within’

    Taste the social Viagra
    And cure your impotence
    Feel the surge of heated blood
    And rage with indignance!

    No excuse! Cop out!
    Show us your dogs and gas and guns
    No excuse! Cop out!
    We’ll fight you, we’re not the only ones
    No excuse! Cop out!
    Who feels protected? Who do you serve?
    No excuse! Cop out!
    Intimidation? We won’t lose our nerve
    No excuse - Cop out!!

    15. Survival of the Smartest

    The year is twenty sixty six
    Our once doomed planet has been fixed
    Disaster-threatened intellects grabbed our demons by the throat
    Global society has forgotten war
    Dismantled the memory of what profit’s for
    It’s only the end of history ‘til another chapter’s wrote

    Consciousness is nature’s nightmare
    Turn this bad dream into something worth our pride/worthwhile

    Destructive past habits are eradicated
    But harmonic coexistence wasn’t instigated
    By a humanity drunk with power and struck blind to consequence
    Science nurtured us beyond false superstitions
    But the bottom-line fucked techno-utopian visions
    Now artificial masters mock our claimed intelligence

    Do we become
    Our own defeat?

    16. Freedom
    (by The Cunts)

    17. Enoch’s Legacy

    Keep them in their own shitty country
    The slave labour is saving us money
    Whilst we sail through comfortable, meaningless lives
    Packed with sit-coms and four wheel drives

    Twisted visions of national pride
    Respect for humanity swept aside
    Inflamed by the tabloids insidious lies
    Race hate propaganda for bigoted minds

    Who are you to deny people a chance to build a life
    Where they have to struggle a little less or poverty ain't rife
    You wonder why they flock to us, running in fear from illegal wars
    That our ''leaders'' instigated, spilling blood upon their shores

    We offer no solutions
    To the problems we create
    And we should be offering refuge
    Not intolerance and hate

    British jobs for british workers
    What goes on inside your head?
    The multitude will rise up!
    This is the conquest of bread

    You will remain on your knees
    We use and abuse and we'll make sure
    You'll never get a chance to rise
  14. JimMD

    JimMDExperienced Member Experienced member




    Dec 14, 2009
     United Kingdom
    Just a quick word or two...
    A few of you may have noticed that the Lobotomies are on 'an undefined hiatus', i.e. have broken up. viewtopic.php?f=6&t=5567 and http://www.myspace.com/thelobotomies
    We still have quite a few copies of the 'Big Bang Hangover' album (currently under the stairs in my gaff). If you have downloaded the album and would like to purchase a hard-copy, i would encourage you to do so. We still have a few 'overheads' to clear and we would appreciate the solidarity.
    The damage to your pocket will be £5, €6, $8, or 200 chocolate coins (vegan only, please), postage and packaging included! E-mail thelobotomies@gmail.com for more info.

    Thanks comrades, much obliged.
  15. (Filipe)

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    Dec 4, 2010
    oh , the album is awesome , nice job! :D