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The Apostles - Manifesto [APN]

Discussion in 'Anarcho-Punk music albums downloads' started by anarcho-punk.net, Jul 10, 2013.

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    The Apostles - Manifesto.zip
    24 files (67.43 MB)

    Apostles - Manifesto - 01 - (Instrumental).mp3
    Apostles - Manifesto - 02 - A Little Bit Of Urban Rock.mp3
    Apostles - Manifesto - 03 - Rat Crawl.mp3
    Apostles - Manifesto - 04 - Cut Cane For Castro.mp3
    Apostles - Manifesto - 05 - Ascension Day.mp3
    Apostles - Manifesto - 06 - Working Class Man.mp3
    Apostles - Manifesto - 07 - Ragged Flag.mp3
    Apostles - Manifesto - 08 - Am I In Tune, Sean.mp3
    Apostles - Manifesto - 09 - The Fighters.mp3
    Apostles - Manifesto - 10 - The Gaelic Guerillas.mp3
    Apostles - Manifesto - 11 - Maggie T Goes Jailing.mp3
    Apostles - Manifesto - 12 - The Liberators.mp3
    Apostles - Manifesto - 13 - Gay & Proud.mp3
    Apostles - Manifesto - 14 - Stardom Road A Ballad.mp3
    Apostles - Manifesto - 15 - Stardom Road A Chant.mp3
    Apostles - Manifesto - 16 - Factory Canteen News.mp3
    Apostles - Manifesto - 17 - Mob Violence.mp3
    Apostles - Manifesto - 18 - Preaching Violence.mp3
    Apostles - Manifesto - 19 - Urban Rock.mp3
    Apostles - Manifesto - 20 - Forbidden Love.mp3

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    Futurist Manifesto - The Harvest Years 1974 - 1978
    Release Date : 2011

    82-track 5 CD album set comprising five of their albums released on Harvest 1974-1978 ['Axe Victim', 'Futurama', 'Sunburst Finish', 'Modern Music' & 'Drastic Plastic'], and features 27 Bonus Recordings including B-sides, out-takes, edits, demos & live recordings.Tracks 1-1 to 1-10 Recorded in London at Air London, CBS and Audiio International Studios. Mixed at EMI Abbey Road, Kingsway Recorder

    The Apostles Biography

    British band formed by [a=Bill Nelson] in 1972 - the musically restless Be-Bop Deluxe never actually played Bebop music, and dabbled instead with genres that ranged from prog rock to proto-punk and new wave. They recorded their last album in 1978.

    Band members: Dave Fanning, Andy Martin (2), Chris Widni, Pete Bynghall, Grant Munro, Martin Ryan (2), Simon Parish, Malcolm Lewty
    Band ex-members: , John Travis, Chris Low (2), Patrick Rat Poole, Sean Stokes, Julian Portinari, Dan MacKintyre

    For the Arfobeat band from Nigeria also known as "The Apostles of Aba", see Apostles.

    There are multiple artists with this name:

    1) An experimental anarcho-punk band from the United Kingdom, active during early 80's.

    2) A mod/soul/garage rock band active during mid-60's. Formed in Ann Arbor, Michigan, the band is known for their covers of "Tired of Waiting for You" and "Stranded in the Jungleon", from the compilation album, A-Square (Of Course) by A-Squared Records.
    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Harvest

    bPlease note, many Harvest issues also carry an EMI logo. This is not a label and EMI should not be added as a label, it instead indicates that Harvest was part of the EMI Group./b

    Label Code: LC 1305 / LC 01305

    "Progressive" label launched by l293204 b(EMI)/b subsidiary l253617 in a function at London's Roundhouse on 1 June 1969. The first releases were issued on 6 June. Other labels which were also directly owned by TGCL assigned their acts to this new label, amongst these being Pink Floyd who became its biggest seller.

    The label was used throughout the 1970s (including punk and post-punk acts like Wire) and into the 1980s around the world. For years, it was no longer a standalone label but used from time to time by members of the EMI group for appropriate acts.

    Up until 1973 the trademark was directly registered and owned by l253617, later reassigned to l63404 On the 27th April 2004 the trademark rights were reassigned from EMI Records Ltd. to sister company EMI (IP) Ltd. (an intellectual property holding company and principal subsidiary of EMI Group Plc).

    In 2013, Capitol Records reactivated Harvest as a semi-independent American label. For the rest of the world the label is now jointly used by Universal Music and the Warner Music Group, the latter using the label for catalogue and the former for new releases.

    As of 2017 EMI (IP) Ltd. is still the registered owner of the Harvest trademark under the direct control of EMI Group Ltd, which subsequently forms part of the Universal Music Group.

    Series: Harvest Heritage



    Omega Tribe

    Night Trains

    Quiet Boys

    Flowers In The Dustbin
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