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STIGMA - Nova Doza Mrznje (Croatia2011)

Discussion in 'International anarcho-punk downloads' started by Spike one of many, Aug 6, 2022.

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    Aug 14, 2012
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    01 - Simfonija Zvana Rat.mp3
    02 - Nova Doza Mrznje.mp3
    03 - Kurva Sistema.mp3
    04 - Bond.mp3
    05 - Cannon Fodder.mp3
    06 - The End.mp3
    07 - Rat.mp3
    08 - Religija.mp3
    09 - Apokalipsa.mp3
    10 - Psi Rata.mp3
    11 - Srce Tame.mp3
    12 - Krvnici.mp3
    13 - Inhuman War.mp3
    14 - Strah.mp3
    15 - Fight Back (Discharge Cover).mp3


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    Nova Doza Mržnje
    Release Date : 2011

    Recorded and Mixed in Požega(Croatia)February 2011

    STIGMA Biography

    There is more than one artist with this name:

    1) French experimental rhythmic ambient drone artist since 1994.
    2) Italian horror-themed deathcore band
    3) Solo punk project of Vinnie Stigma from Agnostic Front
    4) Thrash metal band from the Netherlands
    5) Female-fronted death metal band from the Czech Republic
    6) German alternative rock band
    7) Alternative rock band from Finland
    8) Romanian pop-rock band
    9) Anarcho-punk band featured on some Mortarhate Records compilations
    10) Hungarian hip-hop artist
    11)Crust/D-beat band from Croatia
    12) Death Metal group from Greece
    13) Trip-hop artist from Bristol

    1) Stigma is a French based artist specializing in experimental ambient drone music with a rhythmic edge. First album, Anastigmatic Aperture, was self released in 1994 on tape. Second album, Putrefaction Taste, was on Daft Records. Third album, Inhumanity, and a 7", Structures of Chaos, were released on Ant-Zen. Full discography can be viewed here. Contact: c/o Ombre Sonore, 25 rue de la Kruenau, 67300 Sreasbourg, France.

    2) Stigma is an Italian horror-themed deathcore band signed to Florida-based metal label Pivotal Rockordings.

    STIGMA began its conquest of the European metal scene in 2000, releasing two critically acclaimed EPs and appearing at Wacken Open Air and Metal Camp in addition to touring incessantly in their home country. After signing with USA-based record label Pivotal Rockordings, STIGMA recorded its debut effort When Midnight Strikes! which was released in early 2008. The album praised by the media worldwide, with special accolades from Metal Hammer, Rock Hard, Kerrang! and Legacy magazines. Following the release of When Midnight Strikes! STIGMA took its horror show on the road for seventy dates, conquering and captivating audiences at festivals and clubs across Europe.

    Italy’s horror inspired extreme metal act STIGMA has struck again with its April 2010 sophomore release, Concerto for the Undead. Fusing staccato and spastic guitar riffs with uncompromising breakdowns and lyrical themes revolving around zombies and terror, Concerto for the Undead defies any “core” branding, placing the quartet in a league of its own.

    3) Stigma born Vincent Cappucchio, Vinnie Stigma is the long time guitarist of the seminal hardcore bands Agnostic Front and Madball. His solo project Stigma is a mix of punk and HC styles, he currently runs New York Hardcore Tattoos on Stanton Street in New York City's Lower East Side.

    It is popular at Agnostic Front shows for fans to shout "Stigma!" before his solos. Stigma is known as one of the nicest people in the hardcore scene. Typically a guitarist and backup vocalist, he sings lead vocals on the song "Pauly the Dog" on Agnostic Front's album "Something's Gotta Give".

    4) Stigma is a thrash metal band from the Netherlands.

    5) Stigma is a female-fronted death metal band from the Czech Republic. They recorded two full length albums, Cutted By Chainsaw in 2005 and Non Furtum Facies in 2006, they have also 3 demos from the 90s. stigma.wz.cz

    6) Stigma is a German alternative rock band.

    7) Stigma is an alternative rock band from Finland.

    8) Stigma was a Romanian pop-rock band.

    9) Stigma was a anarcho-punk band featured on a few Mortarhate Records compilations.

    10) Stigma is a Hungarian hip-hop artist.

    11) Stigma is a Crust/D-beat band from Croatia.

    The band was formed in late 2007. under the name 'Pogrebno poduzeće' (Funeral Company). At that time we recorded our first demo 'Povratak bombardera' (Return of the Bombers) with 13 tracks. We play hardcore punk, the lyrics are mostly apolitical and represent our personal views of the situation in today's society and the individual's state of mind scarred by war/fear/hate/propaganda/inarticulate rage and violence. In late 2008, with the arrival of Vuk as the vocalist, the band decided on a new name ‘STIGMA’ and to add more crustcore and d-beat to the sound. After a few months of working on new tracks and adapting the old ones, in March 2009 we finally entered the studio and live-recorded 12 new and 5 of our old songs - some of them can be found on the 'APOKALIPSA' promo CD and the same can be found in your hands also, if we meet somewhere on the gig or get drunk in front of one ‘particularly obscure’ night-bar in Zagreb. Since then, we are working on new material that should be recorded during this year – and consists so far of 15 completely new tracks and 3-4 of the old ones from the 'Apokalipsa' demo.

    12) Stigma is a Greek Death Metal band, formed in 1987. On their first 2 demos played HC/thrash tinged metal, but in 1990 they shifted into technical death metal. Then they released "Sickness of No Survivors" and "Epitaph" demos. After the decline of classic death metal the band split-up.

    13) Stigma is an alias of the Bristol based electronic artist, Kristian Jabs (aka Pessimist, Boreal Massif , Soft Boi), used for for his "Too Long" LP.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Sirova Snaga


    Agnostic Front


    Sick of It All



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