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Stay Home! Navajo Nation COVID-19 Benefit Compilation

Discussion in 'Other downloads' started by ungovernable, May 23, 2020.

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    Aug 21, 2009
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    "As many of you know the Navajo nation is getting hit hard with COVID 19 and the lack of medical resources and running water does not help. Frontline warriors/medical workers are in need of supplies and at risk families need food.

    We decided to create a Benefit Compilation of Punk, Ska, Hip hop, metal, folk punk artists who frequently play the Navajo nation or have strong ties to the kids in the scene.

    Each artist is donating an unreleased, live version, demo version, or alternate version of a song to help combat COVID-19. The release is digital and set for May 1st Friday on Bandcamp, Bandcamp is giving artist 100% of revenue.

    The funds will be donated to "Navajo & Hopi Families COVID-19 Relief", "Northern Dine COVID-19 Relief Effort", and local relief efforts.

    art by Tyson T Tsosie

    to the volunteers, medical workers, and essential workers.. we appreciate all of you ♥

    if anyone is interested in donating or volunteering here are some resources."

    DONATE: Navajo & Hopi Families COVID-19 Relief Fund organized by Ethel Branch


    Stay Home! Navajo Nation COVID-19 Benefit Compilation, by Navajo Nation COVID-10 Benefit Compilation

    Infinite Alliance - Tyranny 04:51
    Joystick - Retcon 02:09
    The Infested - Frustration 01:56
    Popper - Bed Written 04:16
    Forty Ounces - Revenge X Rebirth 03:51
    Guttertown - Swinging 04:15
    The Bridge City Sinners - Song of the Siren (Live) 03:47
    Beng Beng Cocktail - The Welfare (Alternative lyrics) 01:46
    Lo Cash Ninjas - Corn Pollen Kisses (Beeso Mix) 02:12
    Pesky Self - Feed the Machine 04:25
    Amigo The Devil - The Weight (PWAC Session) 03:41
    No Service Project - Nosaj 01:46
    Ceschi - You Could Have Died (Demo) 01:11
    The Slackers - Wicked 04:29
    Rent Strike - At The Threshold 04:34
    Days N Daze - Addvice 03:21
    Ramshackle Glory - Last Song 03:46
    Public Serpents - Half Mast 02:08
    The Stupid Stupid Henchmen - Don't Forget 03:10

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