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Russian (RUSSIA) DISTRESS - 2006 - Êîìàòîç SPLIT

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    (RUSSIA) DISTRESS - 2006 - Êîìàòîç SPLIT

    01-Êîìàòîç-Íå Íàäî Íàñ Ó÷èòü Êàê Æèòü.mp3
    03-Êîìàòîç-Äåëàé Âñ¸ Ñàì.mp3
    06-Êîìàòîç-Ìû Ïðîòåñòóåì.mp3
    07-distress-protest & survive (by varukers).mp3
    08-distress-×åðíûé Áèçíåñ.mp3
    09-distress-Àä Æä¸ò.mp3
    10-distress-Ïñåâäî Ïàíê.mp3
    11-distress-meanwhile (by discharge).mp3
    12-distress-Åáè Ñèñòåìó.mp3

    DISTRESS Biography

    There are several bands with the name "Distress"

    1) D-beat/Crust band from Russia.
    DISTRESS was formed in late 2003 by four punks who have previously played in various local bands. Inspired by work of the bands in the second wave of British punk such as DISCHARGE and VARUKERS and mixing it with Scandinavian punk like ANTI-CIMEX, DISARM, AVSKUM, the band has turned towards raw and dirty dispunk as early as their first rehearsals. In early 2004 two demos, "Fuck The System" and "Propaganda," were recorded. Towards the end of 2004 the original drummer left. For a while the band was inactive. In early 2005 six songs for the split CD with punk band KOMATOZ were recorded, with a new drummer. The recording session was followed by yet another lineup change. The guitarist quit but soon his place was taken over by a new musician. During that year the band played a number of gigs around Russia and toured Scandinavia twice. The first full-length album "Progress / Regress" has been recorded in early 2006. The sound has remarkably switched towards Swedish d-beat / scandicore on this album. Several songs from the same session were released on a split EP with Finland's DISKELMA. The tour of Czech Republic in the Summer of 2006 was preceded by appearance of a new drummer and followed by the addition of a second guitarist. In early 2007 the band recorded a few songs for the split CD with Finland's WHEEL OF DHARMA and split EP with Czech band MASS GENOCIDE PROCESS. This recording has shown the turn towards Scandinavian d-beat / crust scene with even more clarity. And that's not the end yet. To be continued.

    2) 80s raw DIY hardcore/punk band from Beograd, Serbia. Formed in early 1983 as Herpes Distress, appeared on "Buka i urlik" UG compilation and soon after shortened the name just to DISTRESS. In the autumn 1983 recorded a demo "Put u Raj" which is later 1996 posthumously released as 7" single by No Time To Be Wasted label. Distress as all 80's bands has sound of their own - brutal former Yugoslavian punk influenced by Finnish hardcore and with some savage metal touch. The band opened for RATTUS on their show in Ljubljana 1984, and in the next year recorded one more demo, but soon after they disbanded. Their fast, raw and uncompromising version of hardcore is still praised among the underground fans of ex-YU hardcore/punk.

    3) Distress is a french band formed 1996 in Strasbourg. They play gothic/doom-metal stuff with clean vocals and some "deathish" parts (main influences: Opeth, Paradise Lost, etc). They released two albums for the french label Thundering Productions: "Close to Heaven "(2000) and "The Mourning Sign" (2004). "Others" (2007) and "The Void Between" (2011). They split-up on July 16th, 2011 - fifteen years after their birth.

    4)Dutch D-beat from the late 90's. They played slightly slow d-beat in the vein of discharge. The lyrics were also really discharge alike: about war.
    Distress were: Lenneart, Billy and J.P. and they released at least two split 7" E.P.'s. one with belgian band KARMA, and one with MIND from Germany.

    5)Drum and bass solo project. Their first album, "The Lasting Noise" was them finding their sound. Their most recent release, "crowdxxx" has the established genre of drum and bass, with a few exceptions. Distress's creator has only been called by one alias: "Zephyrx".

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.



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