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resist 2010

Discussion in 'General political debates' started by punkjoke, Dec 2, 2009.

  1. QueerPunk

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    Dec 29, 2009
    Sports I can enjoy...sorta: Soccer, AFL (football), Judo and other competitive martial arts...

    Other than that there is bugger all else I would bother to watch or take part in...but even kicking the ball around on the beach or in the park can be heaps of fun...keeps me away from the TV haha.
  2. Connorkillschildren

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    Dec 31, 2009
    Hah.. I have no problem with the olympics. As far as i'm concerned, it's a constructive way to bring countries together peacefully.
  3. Hex

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    Sep 22, 2009
    ok from the posts in this thread it is obvious to me that only a few of you get WHY the OP asked what people thought of the Olympics/and what people were planing to DO about it. sooo here is a quick intro as to why the 2010 Olympic is NOT just about sports.

    "Sports and physical health are a positive aspect of any society. The Olympic industry uses sports and athletes as commodities to market corporate products and services. Governments use Olympic games to unite their populations behind nationalist symbols, to impose greater social control, and to attract corporate investment. Despite claims that Olympics are not 'political', they have devastating social and ecological impacts that cannot be ignored and which must be challenged."

    ok that was the short answer to WHY from the http://www.no2010.com web site. here's the LONG answer to WHY from the same place:

    Why We Resist
    the 2010 Winter Olympics

    The Olympics are not about the human spirit & have little to do with athletic excellence; they are a multi-billion dollar industry backed by powerful elites, real estate, construction, hotel, tourism and television corporations, working hand in hand with their partners in crime: government officials & members of the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

    10 Reasons to Resist 2010

    1. Colonialism & Fascism
    The modern Olympics have a long history of racism, from its early founding members (i.e., Pierre de Coubertin, a French Baron who advocated sports as a means of strengthening colonialism) to recent IOC presidents. The 1936 Berlin Olympics empowered Hitler’s Nazi regime. Both the 1988 Seoul and 2008 Beijing Summer Games helped legitimize authoritarian regimes in Asia. The 1968 Mexico City Olympics (where over 300 student protesters were massacred by soldiers, days before the Olympics began) also helped legitimize state terror. IOC President Avery Brundage, an infamous US racist and Nazi sympathizer, didn’t even acknowledge the massacre. But when two Black US athletes raised their fists in a Black power salute on the medal podium, he had them immediately stripped of their medals and ejected from the Games! Another well-known fascist IOC president was Juan Antonio Samaranch (IOC president from 1980-2001), a former government official in Franco’s fascist regime in Spain.

    2. No Olympics on Stolen Land
    BC remains largely unceded and non-surrendered Indigenous territories. According to Canadian law, BC has neither the legal nor moral right to exist, let alone claim land and govern over Native peoples. Despite this, and a fraudulent treaty process now underway, the government continues to sell, lease and ‘develop’ Native land for the benefit of corporations, including mining, logging, oil & gas, and ski resorts. Meanwhile, Indigenous peoples suffer the highest rates of poverty, unemployment, imprisonment, police violence, disease, suicides, etc.

    3. Ecological Destruction
    Despite claims to be the “greenest Olympics” ever, and PR statements about ‘sustainability’, the 2010 Olympics will be among the most environmentally destructive in history, with tens of thousands of trees cut down & mountainsides blasted for Olympic venues in the Callaghan Valley (near Whistler) & the Sea-to-Sky Highway expansion. In the summer of 2007, a record number of black bears were hit on the Sea-to-Sky Highway, with at least 11 dying (attributed to loss of habitat). Massive amounts of concrete used in construction have also caused millions of Salmon to die in the Fraser River, where tons of gravel are being mined to make concrete.

    4. Homelessness
    Since winning the 2010 Winter Games in 2003, Vancouver has lost over 850 units of low-income housing; during the same period, homelessness has increased from 1,000 to over 2,500. It is estimated by 2010, the number of homeless may be as high as 6,000. Since the 1980s, Olympic Games have caused the displacement of over 2 million people (Fair Play for Housing Rights report, 2007). In Seoul 1988, some 750,000 poor were displaced, in Atlanta 1996, over 30,000, and for Beijing in 2008, an estimated 1.5 million have been displaced. Yet still today Olympic officials talk about ‘sustainability’ and ‘Olympic legacies’!

    5. Criminalization of the Poor
    To ‘clean out’ the poor and undesirables, Olympic host cities routinely begin a campaign to criminalize the poor. In Vancouver, the city has launched Project Civil City and new by-laws to criminalize begging for money, sleeping outdoors, etc. It has also included hundreds of thousands of dollars for increased private security (i.e., the Downtown Ambassadors). New garbage canisters on streets make it more difficult for the poor to gather recyclables, and new benches make it impossible to lay down. These measures fit with government plans to remove poor downtown residents to mental institutions, “detox centers” on former military bases, and the ‘fly-back’ scheme by police to return persons wanted on warrants in other provinces. This is nothing less than a process of social cleansing!

    6. Impact on Women
    Events such as the Olympics draw hundreds of thousands of spectators and cause large increases in prostitution and trafficking of women. In Vancouver, over 68 women are missing and/or murdered. Many were Native, and many were reportedly involved in the sex trade. In 2007, the trial of William Pickton occurred for six of these murders, and he is to be tried for an additional 20 more. In northern BC, over 30 young women, mostly Native, are missing and/or murdered along Highway 16. The 2010 Olympics and its invasion of tourists and corporations will only increase this violence against women.

    7. 2010 Police State
    Some 12,500 police, military and security personnel are to be deployed for 2010, including Emergency Response Teams, riot cops, helicopters, armoured vehicles, etc. The RCMP plan on erecting 40 km of crowd-control fencing along with CCTV video surveillance cameras. Special security zones will be established to control entry near Olympic venues. For 3 weeks, Vancouver will be an occupied Police State! And once the Olympics are over, there is no guarantee many of these security measures will not remain (i.e., CCTV).
    Repression also involves attacks on anti-Olympic groups & individuals, including arrests of protesters, raids of offices, surveillance, media smear campaigns, cuts to funding programs, etc., all in an effort to undermine anti-2010 resistance. This repression has already been used against anti-poverty & housing groups, environmentalists and Natives, in Vancouver.

    8. Public Debt
    VANOC and government officials claim the 2010 Games will cost some $2 billion. However, this amount doesn’t include the Sea-to-Sky Highway expansion, the Canada Line Skytrain to the airport, the Vancouver Convention Center, or the lower mainland Gateway Project. Including these costs, since they were necessary to win the bid and had to be completed by 2010, makes the true cost of the Games some $6 billion, which must be paid for through public debt, money that could’ve been spent on social services, housing, drug treatment, healthcare, etc.

    9. Olympic Corruption
    The modern Olympics are well known for their corruption, including both top IOC officials involved in bribery scandals (i.e. Salt Lake City 2002) or athletes found to be using performance-enhancing drugs (such as steroids). Yet the IOC still claims the youth need an inspiration and a “model” of good sportsmanship! Despite published reports of bribery scandals involving IOC members and host cities (i.e., The New Lords of the Rings, by Andrew Jennings), the Olympics continue to be seen as an honorable & noble enterprise, thanks to the corporate media.

    10. Corporate Invasion
    Government’s and business use the Olympics as a means to attract corporate investment. In BC, the Liberal government has ‘streamlined’ application processes, cut taxes, and offered other incentives to increase certain industries such as mining, oil & gas drilling, and ski resorts. This includes large increases in transport systems, including new ports, bridges, expanded highways & rail-lines. This is all part of their Investment to 2010 Strategy. The results have been dramatic, record-breaking increases in these industries, resulting in greater environmental destruction and more corporate power & influence over our daily lives.

    Many of the main corporate sponsors of the Olympics are themselves responsible for massive ecological destruction and human rights violations, including McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Petro-Canada, TransCanada, Dow, Teck Cominco, etc., while others are major arms manufacturers (General Electric & General Motors).

    RESIST 2010

    “What causes opponents to come of their own accord is the prospect of gain. What discourages opponents from coming is the prospect of harm.”
    Sun Tzu, The Art of War

    For more Info: http://www.No2010.com
  4. Connorkillschildren

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    Dec 31, 2009
    Well, spank my ass and call me Charley, nevermind my last post, resist 2010 indeed :o
  5. dwtcos

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    Oct 22, 2009
    haha. Roasted.
  6. punkjoke

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    Oct 29, 2009
    When I posted this thread, I never realized the Olympics Games could be so harmful, thought I knew there was an negative aspect. FUCK, with your thread I now apologize for the average people that there so uninformed about it and that they won't merely do anything about it. We must be the way for these corporate crimes to stop!!!
  7. Hex

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    Sep 22, 2009
    my reply wasn't intended to 'shame' anyone, just inform them.
  8. punkmar77

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    Nov 13, 2009
     United States
    Just fuckin amazing Hex, I'm so glad your on here and are an inspiration to the rest of us....
  9. Steiner

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    Dec 28, 2009
    Hex has spoken a great deal, but I shall also add just a few pieces of information I've acquired through my years of school.

    When the Olympics originated there was something called an "Olympic Peace" or "Olympic Truce". This was to allow members of all participating countries safety to travel to and from the games. Participating countries (and I believe host countries) were suppose to not be involved in any conflicts during this time. Obviously this will not be the case for the 2010 Games as Canada is in Afghanistan and not really being that peaceful.

    Sports (beginning with Gladiator battles) were used by the Roman's to distract the masses. They promoted violence and the distracted the common folk from the wars that were being fought and talked about. The masses already are quite distracted from the conflicts and wars being waged right now, but the mainstream sports in North America have definitely distracted the masses from what is really going on. These Olympics will also distract the entire world from all the injustices that are occurring in today's world.