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    No Police State Coalition EP
    Release Date : 2004

    Track 1-3: Recorded at Studio 2 and Auditorium Tonstudio June 2004 Tracks 4 to 8 recorded live @ CBGB August 2003 - Mixed and mastered at Auditorium Tonstudio Nuremberg.Released in Digipak.

    Rejected Youth Biography

    Street punk band from Nuremberg, Germany. Founded in 1998.
    In summer 2012, Rejected Youth finally broke up.

    Band members: Matze Caulfield, Keks (2)
    Band ex-members: , Kalle K., Braune

    EJECTED YOUTH - THE STORY SO FAR... | 2006/2007
    In the summer of ’98 Matze and Keks started the project Rejected Youth, which wasn’t supposed to last too long at that time. Both the music and the lyrics were either taken from or influenced by old U.S. Hardcore Bands like Youth Of Today, Minor Threat and Sick Of It All. But just covering old songs wasn’t satisfying enough and therefore 6 months later they set to a real start with Andy Pfeiffer on bass guitar, writing their own lyrics, composing their own songs. Now they orientated themselves more on traditional punkrock. Direct and dirty, rough and inconvenient. They were conscious of the liability that a band has and so the messages steadily became more political and critical. Songs like "Fragile" and "Outworn" spoke out loud and clear.

    In late ´99 they realeased their first and only Demo-Tape "Millennium". Three days later they signed a record deal with Streetmusic Berlin which put out the "Screwballs" 7" EP in 2000. After a tour with Oxymoron in Canada was unfortunately canceled they changed the label and in 2001 released the 10’’ EP / CD "not for phonies” on Halb-7-Records and Bandworm Records. The reactions were enthusiastic! Fanzines and mailorders loved the record and the comparison was (almost) always the same: Something like "It sounds like Oxymoron...". Do I have to tell you more? That was the point when Andy Braun (Braune), an old buddy, joined on the second guitar and brought new energy and ideas into the band.

    Right on time for their first bigger tour through Germany in August 2002 the full length debut "21st Century Loser" was released on Halb-7-Records (CD on Bad Dog Records/Rough Trade). At this moment it was already known, that Andy Pfeiffer is going to quit playing for Rejected Youth, so the band was on a lookout for a suitable successor for the upcoming tour with Backslide. This person was found pretty fast in Kalle who already made some music with Keks and Matze in the mid 90ties.
    Shortly thereafter he became a full member of the Rejects. A couple of seperate shows were played, a cancelled European tour - Kalle broke his hand - and as climax a two weeks US Eastcoast Tour, which was somewhat chaotic but in a whole a full success.

    In 2004 the ways of Andy Braun and Rejected Youth split again, but this didn’t stop the band. As a three piece they played shows with Voice Of A Generation, the Beat.Em.Down festival, the Force Attack festival and a two week tour through Germany in summer. In fall msm1279.Records / Broken Silence and Twisted Chords released the MCD / 7“ EP „No Police State Coalition“. At the same time the recordings for the second LP “Angry Kids” were completed and the album was released in March 2005 and the new album was a milestone in the history of the band.

    After an extensive European Tour Kalle left the band and Rejected Youth played their last show on 25 June 2005. But after only one year Matze and Keks decided to go on with their project and with the new bandmembers Andy Chaos (guitar) and Sancho (bass) Rejected Youth are ready to come back in 2007.


    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Twisted Chords

    German record label mostly for german punk and hardcore.