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police and revolution

Discussion in 'Anarchism and radical activism' started by Rebellious twit, Oct 4, 2013.

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    Jul 21, 2012
    http://seattlefreepress.org/2013/10/03/ ... hid-brown/

    this article is kinda interesting and i thought it might be the right time to also start this thread to make some debate around this question, i am not a person who yells ACAB or is a person who accuses of all cops being bastards, however i do find the police as an institution working for the state and protecting capitalistic intrests, not to mention police brutality, but something like this bothers me, when the working class uprisining happens and the revolution starts, the army and the police force might use force to put down the uprising against the state, i think the police is at part of the working class too and the masses, but the diffierence is that they chooses to become drones for a corrupt system goverend by fools and big corperations, i believe that if we have to succeed with building up a society we need experienced people who also has weapons (if needed) and experience with warfare and gunfire if we are going to get attacked by contra revolutionaries,

    another thing that also got stuck in my mind is agents working for the state, i am in a organistation which was infiltrated by PET(politiets efteretning tjeneste) the danish secret service, many years ago, and it is completely normal that we are, they are interested to sabotage our work or spy on us. but what about former police officcers, people from the army, etc etc, how can we trust these people, i am happy that some of these people dennouce their past and move on and we should too, but how do you know you can trust these people?

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