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new on Mass Media Records A HEADS (UK) discography LP and ANXTV EP

Discussion in 'Band promotion & new album releases' started by massmediarecords, Mar 27, 2011.

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    Sep 11, 2010
    A HEADS Discography LP
    Mass Media Records is proud to present a new LP compiling all the early material from UK anarcho peace punk band the A HEADS.
    The UK's A HEADS came up in the early 80s amidst the Anarcho Punk scene with label mates
    and good friends SUBHUMANS (with whom they shared members). A HEADS definitely reference
    the classic sound but stand out with a level of playfulness among the themes of bleak political times and personal turmoil. A heads commented on political issues at the time but were not as overt as other bands and included more personal subject matter as well. The band didn't get very experimental and wouldn't sound out of place on a KILLED BY DEATH compilation this is tuneful punk rock with strong female vocals that veers towards more conventional rock n roll wisdom than ranting CRASSisms.
    What they created was a timeless band influenced by peace punk like ZOUNDS and the MOB
    just as much as the ADVERTS and
    SIOUXIE AND THE BANSHEES. Includes all songs recorded in their original period as well as
    3 songs from their self released 2009 CD and an unreleased demo track.

    Track List:
    Dying Man
    Hell Cell
    Changing Places
    No Rule
    Love or Pain
    Forgotten Hero
    Telepathy (demo)
    Church of Religion
    Not Last Night
    Divis Flats

    Have a listen
    Available for trade and wholesale
    Buy it here $10.99

    Also new on Mass Media Records
    ANXTV "Pietra" EP
    Long running Italian Anarcha Punks new ep with raging female vocals inflicting damage on
    the corrupt governments that destroy the earth and the bloodthirsty corporations and
    religions they employ. Buzzsaw guitars and ranting vocals (lyrics in Italian with
    translations) permeate and add the urgency of this great political punk band. Limited purple vinyl with huge poster sleeve

    Listen here

    Available for wholesale or trade

    Buy here:$4.49


    We love to trade with all kinds of labels so feel free to write! Stores and distros get in touch for very reasonable wholesale rates.

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    Mass Media Records Store
    777 W. 19th #C
    Costa Mesa, CA 92627

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