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Japanese Nerorgasmo - Ep - 1985 (Italia)

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    Click on the link above to download the file


    Track List:

    01. Nerorgasmo
    02. Banchetto di lusso
    03. Distruttore
    04. Passione nera



    Gruppo leggendario, presente nella scena torinese dal 1983, nato dalle ceneri dei 'Bluevomit', e composto dal mitico Luca 'Abort' Bortolusso alla voce, Simone Cinotto alla chitarra, ed Enrico alla batteria. i tre cominciano nel 1984 registrano quattro pezzi, che compongono il loro primo lavoro, l'ep 7" omonimo autoprodotto, uscito nel 1985, che riscuote già un discreto successo. I testi di Luca esprimono il nichilismo, e la terribile condizione umana, accompagnati da suoni cupi e duri. verso la fine dello stesso anno la band riceve anche una proposta di contratto, rifiutata dai due fondatori. I concerti continuano in molte città italiane, ma a Genova, Luca viene accerchiato da alcuni nazi, che riescono a fare un taglio alla sua gola, episodio che ferma temporaneamente i concerti e le prove. Dopo questa esperienza i Nerorgasmo nel 1993, registrano l'lp omonimo , una pietra miliare dell'hardcore italiano, diciotto canzoni con i testi sempre imprevedibili di Luca, e la musica trascinante della band. L'ultimo concerto fu ad 'El Paso ' di Torino; purtroppo nel 2000 Luca è venuto a mancare prematuramente.


    Legendary group, in the scene in Turin since 1983, born from the ashes of 'Bluevomit', and composed by Luke 'Abort' Bortolusso vocals, Simone Cinotto on guitar, and Henry on drums. They begin in 1984 recording four tracks that make up their first job, the ep 7 "self-produced self-named, released in 1985, which already collects some success. The texts of Luca expresses nihilism, and the terrible human condition, accompanied by dark and hard sounds. Towards the end of the same year the band also received a contract proposal, rejected by the two founders. Concerts continue in many Italian cities, but in Genoa, Luca is surrounded by some Nazis, who manage to make a cut at his throat, an episode that temporarily stops the concerts and rehearsals. Nerorgasmo After this experience, in 1993, recording the self-named LP, a landmark for Italian hardcore, eighteen songs with always unpredictable lyrics by Luca, and the dragging music of the band. The last concert was at 'El Paso' of Turin, in 1993. In 2000 Luca unfortunately died prematurely.


    :ecouteurs: LEGEND OF ITALIAN HC :ecouteurs:


    Release Date : 2014

    Limited edition of 100 copies as special replica remastered edition on grimace purple vinyl. This is an accurate reproduction of the original 1985 debut EP with its 3 inserts (adding one extra artwork drawed by Luca Abort) and thick cardboard cover.

    Nerorgasmo Biography

    Italian punk band from Torino formed by Luca "Abort" and Simone from the ashes of [a=Blue Vomit], active between 1984 and 1987. They self-released a self-titled 7" EP in 1985. After Nerorgasmo broke-up, Luca and Simone played with [a=Ifix Tcen Tcen]. In 1993 Nerorgasmo did a reunion (2 gigs at [l=El Paso, Torino]) and recorded an LP, which was later released in 1997 by El Paso.
    Lead singer Luca "Abort" died of heroin overdose in 2000.

    Line-up last 1985-spring 1987:
    Luca : vocals
    Simone : guitar
    Marna (Marina Zambelli) : bass
    Sandrino (Alessandro Minetto) : drums

    Involved in the group during the first period (1984-'85), without ever playing:
    Enrico Fallulera : drums (present in the EP recordings)
    Claudietto "Viet-Kong" : drums
    Andrea "Pixipan" : bass

    1993 live gigs and LP recording:
    Luca : vocals
    Simone : guitar
    Marco Klemenz : bass
    Maurizio Planker: drums
    Ricky Vaio : drums
    Francesco Dilecce : drums

    Band members: Simone Cinotto, Luca Bortolusso, Marco Klemenz, Francesco Di Lecce
    Band ex-members: , Vietkong, Ricky Vaio, Enrico Fallulera, Alessandro Minetto (2), Maurizio Planker, Andrea Pixipan, Marina Zambelli

    Historical Italian punk band from Torino, Italy active between 1984 and 1987, born from the ashes of Blue Vomit. They self-released a self-titled 7" EP in 1985. In 1993 they did a reunion gig and recorded an LP, which was later released in 1997 by El Paso. Lead singer Luca Abort died of heroin overdose in 2000.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - F.O.A.D. Records

    Italian Thrash / Hardcore label, fanzine and mailorder since 1986, from Torino.
    F.O.A.D. originally was started by Marco Garripoli as a skate-Hardcore-Thrash fanzine on Xeroxed paper: 7 issues were published (1986/1990), all of them limited to a few hundred copies.
    In the years to follow F.O.A.D. gradually turned into a DIY label mainy releasing unreleased recordings on tape, the most remarkable of them being an Indigesti rehearsal Demo later re-issued on the band’s official “Sguardo Realtà” early days CD, Blue Vomit – Live 1982 cassette, Bad Brains “Roir Session + live” later re-issued by Victory Records, and live tapes by Mega City Four and No Means No. After a long hiatus the label came back to activity in 2006 with some co-productions of local HC bands on CD and above all with the discography CD of the Italian Punk/HC legends Blue Vomit, followed by other releases, reissues, unreleased and new stuff on vinyl, cd and cassette.
    Distributed by Www.Scareystore.com.


    Blue Vomit



    Milizia HC

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