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Naked - One Step Backward - 2008 (UK)

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    1.Introductory Brief Encounter
    3.Today I Die
    4.Simplicity Pays!
    5.Love in Flames
    7.Die Blind
    8.Promised Land
    10.Mid 1930' Pre-War Germany
    11.What a Way To Die
    12.Our Correspondent
    13.Why Are We Running?
    15.Evil Faces
    17.One Step Forward
    19.War Machine
    20.Suffer Little Children
    21.Research Deep
    22.Land of Death

    Naked Biography

    There are at least twelve bands with the name Naked:
    1. Naked was an anarcho-punk band from the UK in the early 80s. They released an EP on Bluurg records and had a track on one of Crass Records' Bullshit Detector comps. In 2007 they released a "warts & all" cd collection of all studio & demo tracks called "One Step Backwards" released on Overground records (http://www.overgroundrecords.co.uk)

    2. Naked is a small band from Helsinki, Finland. They play some kind of glam rock. The singer, The Muff, says that their music is "Cock Rock" or "Broadway Rock". Naked has released three albums, This One Goes to Eleven (2004), Let's Get Naked And Start A Revolution (2006) and Superstate (2007).

    3. Naked is a pop punk and alternative band comprised of four brothers from Evansville, IN.
    Formed in January of 2006, Naked has formed a local following and is currently working on taking over the world with new music in 2010.

    4. Naked was a indie rock band from Sweden, that achieved some level of fame during the mid 1990s, mostly because of their hit song "Left Alone Again". Their released album was also named "Naked" and was published by Stockholm Songs.

    5. Naked was a local band from Singapore. Mostly slow ballad music. Disappeared from the local music scene in the late 90s. One Time Hit "Don't Cry"

    6. Naked is a melodic heavy metal band from Kalmar, Sweden.They were founded in 2009. It started out as a studioproject but is now turning into a live act. The band is at this moment rehearsing and promoting their first album Get Naked.
    Ronnie Zander - Bass, Guitars
    Mike Roos - Drums
    Mats Stattin - Guitars
    Petri Vehviläinen - Vocals

    7. Naked is a funk/jazz/jam orchestra from Belgrade, Serbia. Consisting of 6 members playing harmonica, violin, drums, guitar and two basses, Naked combines traditional balcanic melodies and time signatures with modern rhythms such as drum'n'bass or dub, transcending them into funk driven instrumentals with jazz improvisation edge to it. Their debut LP "NOYZ" has been released on their independent label Multikultivator. Naked is best known for their outstanding live performances strongly layered on their improvisations skills and interaction with the audience.
    Band website: www.nakedmusic.fm
    MySpace page: www.myspace.com/nakedjazz

    8. naked was a band formed in New Jersey, USA in 1991 playing "sedimentary rock" in NJ, NYC and CT bars and colleges. naked recorded two demos before disbanding in 1995. Michael Stone played bass guitar, Justin Malo played drums, Joe Ferrara sang, and Edmond Cho played guitar. The band favored playing in odd time signatures from 5/4 to 7/8 to 17/8. Joe went on to form Father Divine and Zarzuela. Edmond went on to cilia and produces dubstep as dj mumbler. Justin went on to many projects including Nomadic Design, Obstickle and VibeSetters. Mike went on to medicine.

    9.Naked was a Copenhagen-based indie band and one of the first bands to release an album on danish label Crucnhy Frog during the nineties. The music is inspired by the likes of contemporary indiebands such as Pixies, Sebadoh and Sonic Youth.

    The Naked var et københavnsk indie-rock orkester som eksisterede fra slutningen af 1980'erne og gik i opløsning i 1999. Orkesteret startede som Naked Lunch, optrådte senere under navnet Naked for at ende som The Naked.

    The Naked introducerede den eksperimentelle, støjende og forvrængede lyd fra den daværende amerikanske og britiske indierock til den Københavnske musikscene, inspireret af post-punk bands som Sonic Youth, Swans, My Bloody Valentine og Loop. Senere bevægede bandet sig i en mere introvert retning.

    Bandets andet album, Pass Out, var produceret af Chris Brokaw fra Come og Codeine. The Naked spillede sammen med Come på bandets nordeuropæiske tourne i 1998. Steen Jørgensen fra Sort Sol sang lead-vokal på en sang fra bandets 1997 EP, Some Kind Of Beautiful.

    Efter opløsningen forsatte de fleste medlemmer i Ensemble Orlando.

    All The Good Things Are Gone (CD, 1994, AGM Music)
    Pass Out (CD, 1996, Crunchy Frog)
    Some Kind Of Beautiful (10" EP, 1997, Crunchy Frog)
    How Could One Ever Think Anything's Permanent (CD, 1999, Purderous Magina Records)
    Children Of The Night - a Roky Erickson tribute (LP, 1997)
    A Decade Of Crunchy Frog Music (2xCD, 2004, Crunchy Frog)

    10. Russian post-punk group.

    11. A Manchester based band. Probably named after the Mike Leigh film.

    12. Naked are an Edinburgh-based group consisting of Agnes Gryczkowska, Alex Johnston and Grant Campbell, who mix cold, neon-lit beats, glacial bass and guitar sculptures, filtered under hypnotizing and ephemeral vocals.

    Their music speaks to a post-millenial, post-digital urban ennui - non-belonging and the pure, absolute loneliness of crowds. It is about the interaction of accelerating technology and the inherent sense of a terminal decline between the physical and hyper real - between man and machine, our bodies, senses and the industrial substances and digital technologies we surround ourselves with.


    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.



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