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Misery-Bornedad 7" (1989, AYF Records)

Discussion in 'Other downloads' started by 7in_crust, Feb 28, 2018.

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    Jun 14, 2017
    "If there were a grandfather of crust…the old man with crazy stories that you still see hanging around the neighborhood, it would be Misery" (taken from MNPunk), Just try to figure it: A grey haired and bearded old man, hanging around and sharing his stories or other times becoming a hermit and getting lost and lonesome in his own memories, yeah this would be a scenario reflecting Misery legacy. Here is the second ep of these legends, released in 1989 after Born, Fed...Slaughtered masterpiece. To be honest, i started working on this post back in 2012 (by the time From Where The Sun Never Shines was coming out) when i ripped the vinyl to mp3 and today its weird to re-build the whole post, memories come back and the way i felt back these days has changed whe i compare it to the way i am feeling while working on it: Blogging as a way to change the routine had turned to escape from misery back in 2012 and nowadays its a way to forget the plague (either financial or mental and grey) for a while.. what's next and worse shit to come?. Anyway. As is said, Blindead is the second ep of Misery, it was released back in 1989 by AYF Records (Anarchist Youth Federation, Misery's own label), it was the follow up to Born, Fed...Slaughter and was born because of a mistake in the pressing of first Misery ep: Born, Fed...Slaughtered was supposed to have four tracks but due some pressing problems it came out as a two track ep, there's a note printed in the inside of cover of Born, Fed... explaining what happened (and also there is the first and original printing including the lyrics of the finally rejected tracks), Discarded/Under Siege re-released it one year later as a three track ep). Blindead came in "fold out silkscreened covers which came printed black on four different colours, red, yellow, green and cream/white" (from Discogs), only 600 copies were made and that brings some pain when you try to get a copy via eBay or Discogs. Music wise delivers four tracks of the usual for Misery political heavy stenchcore: Blindead is a mid paced piece of Amebix worship, (it appeared also in Whispers! 2xLP along with Total Destruction), even the voice sounds like Baron, Wealth and Power is the fast part of the record, while Justice Lost is slow and heavy as Misery can deliver. Noize lasts one minute and its instrumental. The cover folds in side and there is small fold on the bottom too, inside you will find the lyrics (though the letter fonts make it look like Sumerian writing). Blindead was followed by Children of War and several other gems, the story is known, i don't need to say any shit about. End of ranting, go get it and enjoy it.