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Discussion in 'New members introductions' started by rebel, Oct 13, 2009.

  1. rebel

    rebelExperienced Member Experienced member




    Oct 13, 2009
    one rebel among 6 billion people in this world.
    music I like?
    dead kennedys, MDC, Discharge... etc. mostly hard core, and the rest of punk, with anarchist lyrics.
    interested for?
    human dignity, capitalism stole it from me.
    my standpoint about music?
    My standpoint is that anarchist bands should not play for money. Usually if they playe somewhere, anarchopunks bands today, they expect that organizer pay to them traveling cost, one or two drinks and some food. I think they should not ask even for it, becase such things can bring organizer to demand money for tickets for that gig. They don't ask for money because they believe that music should exist for music (enjoying) but not to make business (industry) from it.

    I believe that in anarchist society, people should participate in production (it wouldn't be obligation) and in free time everyone can fill out own needs, own interests - from taking of care about flowers to creating of art. We can see where is now music because of business: whole teams prepare market and serve on market what they want (music houses, commercial medias, etc), they create what is IN. So people have a choice, but only this choice which someone make for them. Beside it, musicians pay to someone to make songs for them and even after it they can't sing it than they use "play back". For the end, to say something what is for me the most important - distribution of goods from concerts is today with exploiting character: all money finish in hands of individuals but not in hands of all people who participated in creating of manifestation. For example, people who build the stage for concert get 500 euro while Rollingstones take 500 000 euro. In that way is created privileged class of rich musicians.

    In anarchist society, concert should be for free so tickets should not exist and musicians should work the same as other people in society - in production (without covering of basic human needs there is no possibility that everyone, who wants, create art or fill out anyhow own needs in free time). In that way, on the stage would stay only those who really like to sing and play, with no profit from it.

    Only in that way can be created society in which will be enough goods for everybody, today some people have more than they can spend and some people live in cartoon houses. Natural resources and goods produced by society should be equal distributed to all members of society, not only to some individuals. Then poverty will disappear and then people will be able to fill out their interests in harmony with their needs.

    Fight against society in which people must take care alone about themselves, in many ways, in the "free" market. "Free" means nothing other than that capitalists have freedom to exploit other people without problem.

  2. Solidaridad

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    Oct 5, 2009
    You found the right words....
  3. (A) timmy (E)

    (A) timmy (E)Active Member Forum Member




    Oct 12, 2009
    you re right in all you've said.
    for example soon rise against come to moscow and i was shocked when i found out that the price for the ticket is about 1700 rubles= 62 $ = 40 euro , i'm wondering whats the fucking shit it is and why the price is so fuckin big?! (wages here aren't high so that's something unbelivable that a band that sings about anarchy animal liberation and so on ask so much money for music