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Masskontroll - 1994 - Recycle Or Die Flexi (7'')

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    Recycle Or Die
    Release Date : 1994

    2,000 copies were pressed.Track A2 appears as: "Kill Your T.V." on the back cover "Kill Your TV" inside the cover and on the center labelThe release number appears as: Con 003 on the back cover CON 003 on the center labelRecorded at Smegma Studio in January and February of 1994.

    Masskontroll Biography

    American crust punk band from Portland, Oregon. Formed in summer 1993, they released a handful of singles, one LP, and appeared on several compilations before disbanding after their European tour in November 1995.

    Band members: Kelly Halliburton, Roger Forbish, Adam Jordan (4), Jason Trousers
    Band ex-members: , Chris Pfeffer

    Masskontroll was a crust band from Portland, Oregon, who shared members with other well known Portland crust bands like Detestation. The band was heavily influenced by Scandinavian bands, particularly those of the Swedish variety but most notably Crude SS. They were active throughout the mid-1990s.
    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Consensus Reality

    DIY punk record label based in Portland, Oregon. Consensus Reality was created by a740907 in 1993 due to the frustration he felt in his dealings with the record labels who had released records by his bands. Over the next seven years there were 20 releases assigned catalog numbers: 19 vinyl singles and flexi-discs, as well as one cassette (r1735463 demo). Another cassette, r5931887 demo, was released by the label in 1996, but wasn't assigned a catalog number. The record label logo also appeared on the back cover of the m247559 LP (1998), but this was just a friendly inclusion by the labels that actually released the album (l36436 and l34376), and Consensus Reality actually didn't have anything to do with the release of the record aside from the fact that Kelly was a member of the band. CON-019 was a catalog number assigned to what was intended to be a split 7" featuring Seattle's a1195576 and Australia's a252870, but for a variety of factors the record was never released.
    In addition to releasing records, the label also functioned as a distribution and mailorder, specializing in records and tapes from around the world.
    Consensus Reality continued to function until 2000, when Kelly moved to Germany.


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