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Man Is The Bastard - 2000 - D.I.Y.C.d

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    Aug 7, 2009

    Man Is The Bastard - 2000 - D.I.Y.C.d
    • 01-Man Is The Bastard-Eunuch-Rh.mp3
    • 02-Man Is The Bastard-No Concern For The Inhuman-Rh.mp3
    • 03-Man Is The Bastard-The Arena-Rh.mp3
    • 04-Man Is The Bastard-Refuse To Thrive-Rh.mp3
    • 05-Man Is The Bastard-Existence Decay-Rh.mp3
    • 06-Man Is The Bastard-Secret Surgery-Rh.mp3
    • 07-Man Is The Bastard-Attempt To Damage-Rh.mp3
    • 08-Man Is The Bastard-Smile Trick-Rh.mp3
    • 09-Man Is The Bastard-Telegram Death Threat-Rh.mp3
    • 10-Man Is The Bastard-Once Upon A-Rh.mp3
    • 11-Man Is The Bastard-Shoes Of Cement-Rh.mp3
    • 12-Man Is The Bastard-(Tony Williams) Strifetime-Rh.mp3
    • 13-Man Is The Bastard-H.S.M.P.-Rh.mp3
    • 14-Man Is The Bastard-Ether Rag-Rh.mp3
    • 15-Man Is The Bastard-Stocks-Rh.mp3
    • 16-Man Is The Bastard-Blood Gutter-Rh.mp3
    • 17-Man Is The Bastard-Heretics Fork-Rh.mp3
    • 18-Man Is The Bastard-Koro Treatment-Rh.mp3
    • 19-Man Is The Bastard-Justice Is Swift (Jack)-Rh.mp3
    • 20-Man Is The Bastard-Poacher-Rh.mp3
    • 21-Man Is The Bastard-Trapped Within Burning Machinery-Rh.mp3
    • 22-Man Is The Bastard-Pain Of The Iron-Rh.mp3
    • 23-Man Is The Bastard-Steak Eating Boss-Rh.mp3
    • 24-Man Is The Bastard-Lobotomize A Cop-Rh.mp3
    • 25-Man Is The Bastard-Fine Feathered Friend-Rh.mp3


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    Sony Music 100 Years: Soundtrack For A Century
    Release Date : 1999

    CD: Made in Austria

    Man Is The Bastard Biography

    Hair / Glam Metal (Heavy Metal) band from Los Angeles, California.

    The group was founded by bass guitarist Nikki Sixx and drummer Tommy Lee, lead singer Vince Neil and lead guitarist Mick Mars. Before settling on Mötley Crüe, the band went through several names, such as Trouble, Christmas, Bad Blood and Suicidal Tendencies, which shouldn't be confused with the band [a137127]

    Their final studio album, Saints of Los Angeles, was released on June 24, 2008. The album debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard album charts, selling about 100,000 copies in its first week of release. It also debuted at No. 14 on the Australian ARIA album charts, No. 5 in Sweden, No. 3 in Canada, No. 47 in Italy, and No. 9 in Finland (although it climbed to number 6 in its second week).

    The band gave final show which took place on New Year's Eve, December 31, 2015.

    Man is the Bastard were a Noise /Sludge Noise Rock band consisting of legendary California members Eric Wood, Joel Connell, and Aaron Kenyon - many of whom helped solidify the underground hardcore scene and paved the way for the extreme hardcore subgenre known as Powerviolence. Neanderthal being the most notable of their previous bands not only for the creation of Powerviolence, but also for the direction of Man is the Bastard in which the song "Crawl" off of Neanderthal's 1990 EP "Fighting Music " would lie the foundation for the bands sound. Based in Claremont, USA, the band existed from 1991 to 1997, releasing many vinyl records on DIY-punk labels from around the world.

    In stark contrast to other punk musicians, MITB made the move of displacing the electric guitar from its long reign as the primary instrument of punk aggression. In turn, they made room within their revolutionary spirit for progressive bass chords and blues scales, for industrial noise (field recordings and power electronics), and for member Henry Barnes’ “Amps for Christ” and homemade guitar reconfigurations.

    The bass-heavy configuration was found in earlier projects by founding members Joel Connel and Eric Wood, who recorded under such monikers as Cyclops and Neanderthal. Their thematic emphasis on the primitive and mythological would continue in MITB records such as “Sum of the Men” and the split album with Bleeding Rectum. The fullest expression of these concerns appeared with the 7” record entitled “Backward Species,” which combined an almost anthropological/New Historicist approach to humanity’s violent practices. Songs such as “Kuro Treatment” and “Heretic’s Fork” are exemplary.

    But their lyrical violence was balanced by their adamant avocation of progressive ideals. Animal rights, vegetarianism, the decriminalization of marijuana, the putrid legacy of American foreign policy, the encroaching police state – the list goes on, but above all, the band was concerned with raising consciousness. This record of political activism resulted in their most widely available album, 1997’s split LP with political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal.

    In addition, MITB exist as a nucleus around which many prominent bands can be traced within a recognizable lineage: Pillsbury Hardcore, Peace Corpse, Pissed Happy Children, Neanderthal, Infest, No Comment, Loomis Slovak, Atavism of Twilight, Sleestak, Buckethead, The Locust, Bastard Noise, Born Against, Djam Karet etc. – this is just a partial list of individuals tied to MITB.

    In the years since, MITB has splintered off into several working factions. Wood occasionally performs in the Los Angeles area as Bastard Noise. Kenyon and Connel have soldiered on in progressive rock acts such as Controlling Hand and Lux Nova Umbra Est. Perhaps the biggest surprise is Barnes’ Amps for Christ, which has blossomed into a highly regarded folk/noise hybrid.

    The band's willingness to sublimate political concerns into a harsh and unique aesthetic is sorely missed. For example, during the first Gulf War, they had the courage to feature cover art depicting Saddam Hussein being sodomized by George H.W. Bush.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Sony Music

    Main label of Sony Music Entertainment.
    Use this entry for releases from between 1991 and 2005 and 2008 onwards that show the 'Sony Music' logo or releases in general which credit "Sony Music".
    Please note that the logo was different before 2005.
    Also please do not confuse with the Japanese SonyMusic.

    Releases from between 1991 and 2005 may also mention "Distribution: Sony Music". This entry can be used for those 'Distributed By' credits as well.
    For releases crediting "Sony Music Entertainment" for manufacturing, marketing and/or distribution, use Sony Music Entertainment.

    The "xx-xxxxxx-xx" format codes found on releases are not distribution codes and should not be arbitrarily assigned to Sony Music when listed as a distributor. Please add these codes as "Other" in the BaOI section with "Manufacturing code" as description.

    bAbout Sony Music matrix/LCCN numbers:/b

    Some optical disc releases show the Sony Music logo in the disc matrix, with one of the following matrix patterns:

    ➊ 'bSony Music xx-xxxxxx-xx BB CC/b' (used 1994-1995)
    ➋ 'bSony Music Sxxxxxxxxxx-yyzz BB CC/b' (used 1995-2007) or
    'Sony Music Sxxxxxxxxxx-yyzz BB DDD C' (some outsourced pressings)

    Please do not confuse prefix S with number 5 as they appear very similar in matrix pattern #2.

    - For CD releases, yy indicates the disc number (always 01 for single-disc releases; 02 and onwards are used for multi-disc releases), while zz indicates the number of discs in the release (again, always 01 for single-disc releases). DVDs do not seem to use the same numbering for the yyzz part however (yy=A5, A9, B5 or B9).
    - BB is a two or (rarely) three digit number, usually between 11-25. The last digit is the same as the last digit of the mastering SID code (IFPI L55x).
    - CC is usually machine-stamped into the matrix ring, and is usually A1, A01, A00, B1, etc.
    - DDD is similar to CC but never starts with A, and is usually B00, C00, etc.
    - The following mould SID codes have been observed in these matrices: IFPI 94**, IFPI 63**, IFPI 1G**, IFPI T8** (often mistaken as 78**).

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    Made By – Sony Music
    Glass Mastered At – DADC Austria
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    Made By – Sony Music
    Glass Mastered At – DADC Austria (1995-97 releases) / DADC (1999 releases) / Sony DADC (2001-present)
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    Glass Mastered At – DADC Austria with codes S0100257xxx or lower (until c.October 1998)
    Glass Mastered At – DADC with codes S0100259xxx-S0100313xxx (c.November 1998-April 2000)
    Glass Mastered At – Sony DADC with codes S0100315xxx or higher (after c.May 2000)

    ONLY the "bS0100xxxxxx-yyzz/b" and "bS0000xxxxxx-yyzz/b" matrix codes may be entered in LCCN as DADC Austria/DADC/Sony DADC catalog numbers based on release dates provided above.
    Example release: r8944965

    Some CDs may show the name 'Sony Music' with the following matrix style:
    ➌ 'bSony Music 5xxxxxxx/release cat# XX/b'
    usually in conjunction with mould SID code IFPI 07**.

    These CDs are actually manufactured on behalf of Sony Music by Sonopress Arvato (2004-2008), Arvato Digital Services (2008-2011), Arvato (2011-2020), or Sonopress (2020-present). Sony Music should not be credited with Glass Mastered At or Pressed By on such CDs. Please credit the appropriate pressing plant based on the release date of the specific CD and use the generic "Made By" role for Sony Music. One example of this matrix style is r11602006.

    Specifically for Indian Releases, please note: where releases have "18: 12 inch Maxi-Single Vinyl" printed on rear cover, then please add:
    Format= LP
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    And, DO NOT use the Maxi-Single Tag for these releases.