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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by rude-boy, May 31, 2010.

  1. rude-boy

    rude-boyExperienced Member Experienced member Forum Member




    Mar 12, 2010
    fuck ya! i cant wait for july. its going to be a non stop month of crazy fun. on the 1st the ripcordz are relesing a new alblum. they are a pretty big montreal band so you know its going to be a huge party and its going to kick ass..which reminds me i need to get more info on the show. then on the 8th is the restarts playing with ab irato and some french band. there is another restarts show the next day but thats going to be filled with the skin head crowed so im sticking to the first night. last time restarts were here i got screwed over because the venue was over booked. it was filled to capacity with no room to breath so i could not get in. but my buddy some how got in..dick...would have loved to see genetic control pl;aying with restarts!!! so now is my second chance to see the restarts atleast!! then on the 17 is GBH playing which is a show i been waiting 3 years to see. last time they were here i got my fake id ripped in half and could not get in while every one else did. even my 16 year old ( at the time) girl frind got in. it broke my heart i had to go drink with the crowed outside which was fun but i would have rathered see the show.

    just to ad to all that on the 10th is my friends 18 birthday and its goign to have a keg aperently....sounds promising..

    im so excited. got my tickets for restarts and gbh. i refuse to miss those shows. both bands i have tried to see but was denied. both bands i have loved since first getting into punk \m/

  2. ungovernable

    ungovernableAutonome Staff Member Uploader Admin Team Experienced member




    Aug 21, 2009
    Male, 35 years old
    Canada Canada
    ripcordz are releasing a new album ? cool, i didn't even know that

    Subsistance is also releasing a new album on juily 1st. Gonna be awesome, i can't wait to hear it !

    Btw did you hear GBH new album released this year ?

    Tagada Jones (fucking awesome band from france) is also comming in july, maybe i'll go to their show again, i think i seen them every time they came to quebec lol
  3. rude-boy

    rude-boyExperienced Member Experienced member Forum Member




    Mar 12, 2010
    umm thats the word around town is they have a new alblum in the works. if i dont have work today im hoping to find out. i would be down.

    ya subsistance are going on a big canada tour finishing in montreal. im hoping to go to the show once they get back for sure! *edit* hmm july 31st subsistance relese show! thats another one for the calander

    ever hear of the band toltchoke or somthing like that? they are the french band playing with restarts. i think they are from sherbrook area?

    ya GBH's new alblum piss and perfume. i heard a few songs from it so far hopfully they other songs are just as good because the ones i heard werent bad at all

    june 13th?-the rebel spell

    july 2nd-ripcordz relese show
    july 8th-restarts
    july 17th-GBH
    july 31st-subsistance relese show
  4. mikefrache

    mikefracheNew Member New Member




    Jun 25, 2010
    Hi all Punks!

    tolkchoke come from saguenay

    the bassist is one of my friend...
  5. Anxiety69

    Anxiety69Experienced Member Uploader Experienced member Forum Member




    Oct 18, 2009
    Male, 45 years old
    Long Beach CA United States
    still looking like a fun month???
  6. rude-boy

    rude-boyExperienced Member Experienced member Forum Member




    Mar 12, 2010
    fuck ya!!! it may be montreals hottest week so far this summer. but restarts last night fFUCKIGN kicked ass! they are such a good band to see live! i would suggest it to any one. tomorow is my friends birthday then next week is gbh. and after gbh me and my buddy are gunna do operation "i want a fuckign flag" and steal a few budwieser flags from the brewery in montreal. cant wait i been eyeing those fuckers for a long time now.

    i missed the ripcordz show becasue i was camping with friends. it was worth is camping kicks assss...

    woo time to go to work after having 3 hours of sleep since i did not get in from the restarts till 2 am