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Discussion in 'Europe' started by PORCO DAO!, Jun 8, 2010.


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    Jun 8, 2010
    DATE: 25/26 june 2010

    Infestazione Hardcore #3

    Two days HC against the logic of business!

    Infestazione Hardcore was born in 2008 as a (more than) punk-hardcore music festival, in support of Radio Blackout and in reaction to the sterile, profit-based music scene, of the fashion micro-world of pubs and music organizations.

    What we aim to do goes beyond the music itself, it's about human relationships, thoughts, affinity, and complicity in action.

    So, the concert is a way to communicate, but also a pretext to meet each other, to create a network of contacts, exchanging know-how and experiences through distros, exhibitions, workshops and screenings.

    About money, all proceeds from the concert will be given to Radio Blackout, the only free radio station in Turin, which has spread the voices of struggle and dissent for the past eighteen years; Radio Blackout is self-organized, self-financed, and at the moment also under threat of eviction, for clearly political motivations.

    Indeed, it was recently searched (in an attempt to seize materials) as part of an investigation that led to the arrest of seven people on 23rd of February, who were all anti-racist militants and members of Radio Blackout. A trick of repression that aims to shut the mouths of those who don't submit to the state, crush the – already poor – freedom of speech, and censure an inconvenient reality that has lived and grown in Turin since 1992.

    (For more information and audio-streaming www.radioblackout.org, listen to 105.250FM in Turin).

    RBO will be present like in previous years, with its distro, together with the other distros that populate the festival scene. The space is so big that there's no limit to the expos and distros we can host (but contact us before for technical reasons!); the festival will take place in the park of the ex-mental hospital of Collegno, near the Mezcal Squat, occupied since 2006 by some young fools :)...

    The bands will be provided with food and hospitality, and, if needed travel expenses will be reimbursed, keeping in mind that but the aim of the festival is to support the radio - not make groups famous!

    Travellers can camp ad-hoc in the “infested” field :) (bring sleeping-bag, tents, hammocks, etc).

    This two-day festival is based on self-organization and DIY and it's aim is to reaffirm the musical self-production and the music that screams against the state, without many music-genre limits: it is based on the hardcore attitude!

    If you feel affinity with this kind of thinking-acting and you play in band, contact us as soon as you can, sending us a demo and few words on what brings you to participate.

    Contact: [email protected]

    Venerdì 25 giugno 2010

    BAVA - Milano - Hardcore Sperimentale
    FCT - Nuoro - Punk/Hardecore
    DILUVIO - Milano - Punk/Hardecore
    LACARNE - Torino - Sludge
    ZEITGEIST - Torino - Crust
    TOTALICKER - Barcelona - Crust
    CHILD MEADOW - Grenoble - Post Hardecore
    JUGOS VAGINALES - Spagna - Punk

    Sabato 26 giugno 2010

    NEID - Viterbo - Hardcore
    RFT - Milano - Hardcore
    BOYS ON DOLLS - Taranto - PunkRock
    DROP THE BOMB - Torino - Rock'n'RollHardcore
    GARGANTHA - Treviso - HardcoreVeganMelodico
    1/4 MORTO - Fano - Hardcore
    DISGRACE - Barcelona - Hardcore
    OFU - Como - Hardcore
    CARLOS DUNGA - Firenze - TrashCore
    PATRICIDE - London - AnarkopunkQueerScene
    TWO EYES BLOWING - London - Anarkopunk


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    Jun 8, 2010