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Spanish & Portuguese Hongo - Pulpita De Fruta - Alimento Para El Corazon Split Lp - 2011 (España-Catalan)

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    Track List:


    01. Ansias De Dominación
    02. No Intentes Callar
    03. Dueños De Todo
    04. Estertores De Muerte
    05. Avergonzadas Lagrimas De Derrota
    06. Por No Someternos

    Pulpita De Fruta

    07. Muero En El Trabajo
    08. Riete Pero Estas Solx
    09. Elige
    10. Qué No Sabes Que Te Estas Matando?
    11. Mis Dulces Sueños
    12. No Quiero Competir
    13. Miedos A Nosotrxs Mismxs
    14. Que El Amor No Sea Un Fin

    Hongo Biography


    Hongo is a four piece sludge metal band, in earlier times strongly influenced by screamo and crust punk, now playing a darker and more metallic sound with suffocated vocals.

    The band born as it is in 2000 in A Coruña, Spain, in those times their line up wasn't really formalized. First Hongo show was in 2002 in A Coruña at a place called Bar Egeo with SL'S3 with Mejuto (Madame Germen, Ictus) on drums, David (SL'S3) at the guitar, Ernesto the other guitar, Barrós (SL'S3, Destierro, Asfixia) bass and Diego screaming.

    Lately the line up changed when Ivan (Nashgul) joined to play drums and Emilio was added as a 2nd voice. 2004, In this moment Hongo recorded their first material at Studios Bonham in A Coruña.

    Little bit after, Ruben (Madame Germen, Black Panda joins to play bass. Diego and Emilio left and now Hongo is a four piece band.

    Hongo recorded their first LP “Formas de Vida que se Precipitan hacia su Destrucción” in 2006 and a shared LP with a french sludge band called Aguirre

    In this project, they try to expose sincere conclusions to humanity’s guidelines and behaviours, urged by mechanisms of development of social interaction (and everything which it involves for example sociability, economy, work, suffering, wars, deaths, deaths and more deaths.....) that shouldn’t exist, used to reach the so longed-for well-being state.............. at all costs?... at the expense of what and how many?

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.




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