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Fuck Glenn Danzig

Discussion in 'Music, punk scene & subcultures' started by ungovernable, May 30, 2017.

  1. ungovernable

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    Aug 21, 2009
    Male, 32 years old
    Canada Canada
    Latest public comments from conservative punk and Misfits singer Glenn Danzig are disgusting, again. What a fucking piece of trash.

    Danzig Defends Trump’s Travel Ban, Says Planned Parenthood Shouldn’t Be “Selling Baby Parts”

    Glenn Danzig held his Blackest Of The Black festival in Orange County, CA this weekend, bringing a castle, a bondage stage, a sacrificial altar, a blood bath, a roaming demon sideshow, and a bunch of metal to Oak Canyon Park. And in a new interview with The LA Times to discuss the event and the new Danzig album Black Laden Crown, he also brings some unfortunate support for Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban.

    “It’s really not a travel ban,” Danzig says. “When you walk into the country, we want to see who you are and what you’re doing. Well, when I go to every country right now, they look at me and they see whether I can come in or not. And I’ve been turned away from Canada and other places before. Where’s my protest? Where’s my parade?”

    Yes, because that’s totally the same thing. But hey, at least he’s pro-choice! “I might be conservative on some issues, and some issues I’m really liberal,” he explains. “I’m pro-abortion and I’m pro-Planned Parenthood.” Unfortunately, instead of stopping there, he continued: “But I don’t think Planned Parenthood should be selling baby parts like a chop shop in Brooklyn, OK?”

    Here, Danzig, let me google that for you.

    Source: Danzig Defends Trump’s Travel Ban, Says Planned Parenthood Shouldn’t Be “Selling Baby Parts” (shared by Mar)
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  2. The Hat

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    About two months ago, the original MISFITS (Or at least 3/4 of them. I don't know who they got for a drummer) came to the Chicago area, played a big arena and charged $60.00 (U.S.) for the cheap seats. (Floor seats were around $200.00) Fear, and Venom Inc. were the opening acts. While I still enjoy their music, I have almost all of their stuff on C.D., and would rather just stay at home and listen to that instead of giving money to a bunch of rock stars who are having a reunion and are charging prices that the average fan can't afford.

    All of a sudden I am reminded of the song "Rotten to The Core" by Rudimentary Peni.

    Like most rock stars, they're only in it for the money and don't care about their fans.
    I mean, seriously. Just how much cat food and cat litter does one have to buy, Glenn?

    Luckily, that same day, original Detroit punk band Death was also in town, along with Crude S.S. from Sweden.

    Both were playing shows that were under $10.00 (U.S.).

    I opted to go see Crude S.S. because I've already seen Death at least three times, and I don't think Crude S.S. have ever been to the U.S.

    Danzig and the rest of the money grubbing crew of The Misfits can go stuff it!

    I'll stay at home, play Evil Live and pretend that it's 1982 all over again, and get super excited when Henry Rollins get on stage for We Are 138.

    Much cheaper, more enjoyable, and no jack boot security guard is going to kick me out for getting rowdy and enjoying myself too much!
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