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Frägments-st cd

Discussion in 'Other downloads' started by 7in_crust, Jul 10, 2018.

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    Jun 14, 2017
    Another new band from Mexico, Frägments is four guys come from Monterrey and was formed by people involved in Heädshöt , Colapsø , The Crimson Trip, La Caida de la Civilización (rip) & Al Borde de la Nada (rip). This is their first work and later this year they are going to record a full album. The band delivers five tracks and seventeen minutes of melodic crust blended with some blackened crust, bringing the typical fast crust parts, emotional midpaced and sometimes slower passages, heavy, dark, melodicand sometimes mournful riffs and rough throaty vocals. All these are reflected on the cover artwork. The main influences come from bands such as Landbridge, Ekkaia, Ictus etc. etc. This recording is currently available as cd and also for free in bandcamp

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    Still Fragments
    Release Date : 1994

    Part One: Recorded live in concert at RaamTeater op 't Zuid, Antwerp, Belgium on the 19th of March 1993. Part of a two hour 'Echoing Delight' concert, remastered at the Theatre of Magic in July 1993.Part Two: Recorded live at Comopoly, Hamburg on the 5th June 1993. No editing involved.Track 6 is not listed on the sleeve and is likely the result of a mastering error for the material on Par

    Label - N D

    Although now defunct, N D was created by Dan Plunkett in 1982 as a magazine about experimental and industrial music & arts. In 1986 N D began releasing audio recordings.