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Final Bloodbath-st 7" (2002, Paank Levyt Records)

Discussion in 'Other downloads' started by 7in_crust, Feb 28, 2018.

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    Jun 14, 2017
    Here we go again, still here and breathing the poison of collapsing system, It was blog's birthday a few days ago, we have grown up and become ten years old, it seems like yesterday when this started and was supposed to last a few weeks or months but people embraced it and that was the force to continue. I can't imagine how things will be in ten years from now (much more worse i guess, in all levels) but i hope to continue as long as i can.
    Final Bloodbath were a short lived D-beat act from Japan, they started in early '00's and their discograpy includes two ep's, the one we got here on Paank Levyt and Dead or Alive on Crust War Records, both released in 2002. There are also two tapes, Live At Club Doctor, Tokyo Mar. 6th, 2001 and Dead or Alive, both self-released in 2001 or so. Black Konflik Records from Malaysia released a nine track cassette in 2016, containing both ep's. In 2003 they shortened their name to Final and released the Grow Strong/Empty 7" (Crust War). I don't know if members were involved with other bands so any help is appreciated.
    D-beat lovers probably know this band and for those who do no know i bet they have understood whats goin on because of the band's name, the Discharge font and the typical for the genre black and white cover artwork: Final Bloodbath were a Discharge clone and their two 7"s could have been recorded back in early '80's in some Discharge's recording session. The record comes in beautiful clear white vinyl and consists of five tracks of old school D-beat, the singer shouts in English, lyrics and some special thanx are printed inside the cover. The noise lasts for 8:30". The name change from Final Bloodbath to Final also marked the change to their music, actually Final is a completely different band: Grow Strong/Empty ep is a piece of thrashy hardcore close to Broken Bones and has nothing to do with the early Discharge worship of Final Bloodbath releases. Needless to say thi is out of print but you can find it in ebay or discogs in reasonable prices.
    Paank Levyt was active from mid '90's to mid '00's and released several 7" records including releases of Wind of Pain, Força Macabra and Exithippies.
    Too much shit typed, end it here.