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False hope - Bulletsareworthmorethenwords - 2007

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    Crust punk band from Palatine, Illinois tearing it up with influences such as Thulsa Doom, A//Political, A Global Threat, Streetlight Manifesto, Nausea, and Anti-Product.

    False Hope - Bullets are Worth More than Words (2007) - 128 kbps


    1. Divine Fraud
    2. Yo Yo
    3. We Don't Need It
    4. Power Corrupts
    5. Dystopia
    6. The Power of a Dream

    Also includes:
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    False hope Biography

    There are multiple artists using this name.

    1) False Hope is a Thrash Metal crossover band from America. Formed originally started in 1985 with Chris Smith on bass, Bryan Lehr on drums, Robbie Spira on vocals, and Dana Embrose on guitar. Recorded a 4 song demo before Chris joined Smear The Queer and False Hope disbanded. False Hope then formed what would be known as thier original lineup in 1986, with Greg Cancassi on drums, Scott Eakin on guitar, Dave Evey on vocals, and Chris Smith on bass. This lineup recorded the "Cease To Exist" demo at Beat Farm Studios. In 1987 Chris Smith started playing guitar for False Hope, along with the new second guitar player Scott Silverman. At the same time Dave Araca joined as the band bass player. In 1988 Greg Cancassi left the band so Dave Araca started playing drums for the band and Sam Lopiccolo joined as the new bass player. This lineup (Evey, Smith, Lopiccolo, Araca) recorded the "Guilty of Everything" demo in 1989, and some other never-released tracks in 1990. After Dave Evey left the band in 1990 the remaining members became the band Asphalt.

    2) False hope is a Techincal Death Metal band from America. They formed in 2001 and have released 3 demos and are recording a debut full-length album which is set to release in late 2008.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.