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Electric Chair - Social Capital - 2021 (U$A)

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    Social Capital (LUNGS-179), by ELECTRIC CHAIR


    Track List :

    01 Bastards
    02 Gutter
    03 Way Too Slow
    04 Pledge Of Allegiance
    05 Life Is Hell
    06 Social Capital

    Following 2019's "Performative Justice", this Olympia, Washington quartet offers us their third and best EP so far. Fast, fast, fast hardcore punk with stunning and really original guitar riffs (just listen to "Way To Slow"!). Not a lot more to say. One of the best punk releases of 2021 so far.
    Members play/played in Beta Boys and Youth Regiment.


    Social Capital
    Release Date : 2021

    1000 copies on black vinyl with silver foil stamped cover and 14"x14" double-sided poster insert.

    Electric Chair Biography

    American hardcore punk band from Olympia, Washington.

    Electric Chair is the name of more than one artist
    1) Electric Chair from Split/Trogir, Croatia
    2) Electric Chair from Poland
    3) Electric Chair from USA
    4) Electric Chair from Athens, Greece
    5) Electric Chair from Michigan

    1) Electric Chair from Split/Trogir, Croatia:

    The band was founded by Leo Hajder and Vinko Vukorepa in June of 2005 in Split, Croatia. After a while, Tonci Zizic Kovacevic, Nino Vukov and Luka Matosic joined the band, forming the original lineup. After a long pause, the band had split up, leaving only Leo and Vinko, who were still playing and creating new songs. In the meantime, they had to find new members. Niksa Zekulic on lead vocals and bass joined the band in February 2006, and Ivo Strunje on the drums in May 2006, both previously involved in a band called Stormblast together with Leo. In June 2006 Ivo left the band, to be replaced with Tino Condic in August 2006. Our first gig was on 11th May 2007, as a warm-up to a heavy metal band from Split called Vega. In August of 2007 Tino left the band. After a two month break, the band continued to work, with an addition to the line-up. Drummer Andrej Zvonimir Tomic has joined them. In March of 2008 Tino grabbed the sticks again. In May of 2008 Vinko left the band. Ivan Tomas took his place. In July of 2008 there were some changes and additions in the line-up: Veljko Radic was added as the new bass player, and now Niksa can devote himself fully to singing duties. Ante Jozinovic replaced Tino on the drums. During 2009 the band played many shows and was involved in a few distinguished events. In November of 2009 they released their first demo, called Just for You. Shortly after, Veljko an Ante had to leave the band due to other commitments. Josip Boban on bass and Ivan Nizetic on the drums came aboard. The band finally broke up in May of 2010.

    Our first demo Just for You, containing 5 tracks, was released in November of 2009 and you can download it here.


    Leo Hajder - guitar (09/2005 – 05/2010)
    Ivan Tomaš - guitar (05/2008 – 05/2010)
    Josip Boban - bass (11/2009 – 05/2010)
    Ivan Nižetić - drums (01/2010 – 05/2010)
    Nikša Zekulić - vocals (02/2006 – 05/2010)
    Ante Jozinović - drums (08/2008 – 11/2009.)
    Veljko Radić - bass (07/2008 - 11/2009)
    Tino Čondić - drums (06/2006 - 08/2007; 03/2008 - 08/2008)
    Vinko Vukorepa - guitar (09/2005 - 05/2008)
    Andrej Zvonimir Tomić - drums (10/2007 - 03/2008)
    Ivo Strunje - drums (05/2006 - 06/2006)
    Nino Vukov - drums (09/2005 - 02/2006)
    Tonči Žižić Kovačević - bass (09/2005 - 02/2006)
    Luka Matošić - vocals (09/2005 - 02/2006)


    2) Electric Chair from Poland:

    Electric Chair was formed in 2010 by musicians known from other bands:
    Łukasz Migdał Migdalski - keyboards, programming. Composer and arranger. Recording studio
    owner and music producer. Known for co-operation with bands like Aion, Artrosis and for his own
    band Lebenssteuer.
    Krystian MacKozer Kozerawski - guitars. Versatile musician, known for co-operation with
    bands like Artrosis, Hermh, Sacriversum.
    Hubert Hubass Walczak - bass guitar. Bass player and vocalist previously associated with bands
    like Lebenssteuer, Lilith, Morion, Mortar.
    Paweł Świcol Świca - drums and percussion. Known as a one of the leading Polish rock
    drummers. Former member of Artrosis and Lombard.
    Agata Lejba-Migdalska - vocals. Versatile opera and rock singer. She is graduate of Vocal Faculty
    of The Ignacy Jan Paderewski Academy of Music in Poznan. She made her debut on stage of The
    Poznan Grand Theater with role of Hodel in Fiddler On The Roof. She is also known for cooperation
    with band Pathfinder.
    The most distinguishing characteristic of band's style is a mixture of rock and operatic vocals.
    Electric Chair is working on its debut album. So far band released singles: "Luana" (featuring
    guitarist Daniel Gola Patalas of Lombard), "Inflamed", "Like A Cure", and video "Nothern Killing
    Time Beyond The Overwhelming Heart" - a medley of a songs of the bands, musicians used to be
    associated with.
    All song are available on YouTube channel ElectricChairPL.

    Members: Agata Lejba-Migdalska, Łukasz "Migdał" Migdalski, Hubert "Hubass" Walczak, Paweł Świca, Krystian "MacKozer" Kozerawski


    3) Electric Chair from USA:
    Hardcore punk band from Olympia, WA, with releases on Stucco and Iron lung

    4) Electric Chair from Athens, Greece:
    Electric Chair is a new musical shape that moves in the context of Heavy Grunge music by aiming at the creation of musical compositions that echo both the spirit of the 90 's and the modern age.

    Vocals: Nefeli
    Guitar: George
    Drums: Panos
    Bass, Backing Vocals: George


    5) Electric Chair from Michigan: Free Improv sludge metal band from Muskegon

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Iron Lung Records

    Record label run by Jensen Ward and Jon Kortland of the band Iron Lung.
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