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Earth Crisis - 1991-2001 - Forever True

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    Earth Crisis - 1991-2001 - Forever True
    • Earth Crisis - The Oath That Keeps Me Free - 02 - Born From Pain.mp3
    • Earth Crisis- Forever True (1991-2001)- 02- Behind The Wire.mp3
    • Earth Crisis- Forever True (1991-2001)- 03- Biomachines.mp3
    • Earth Crisis- Forever True (1991-2001)- 04- Slither.mp3
    • Earth Crisis- Forever True (1991-2001)- 05- Nemesis.mp3
    • Earth Crisis- Forever True (1991-2001)- 06- Broken Foundation.mp3
    • Earth Crisis- Forever True (1991-2001)- 07- Situation Degenerates.mp3
    • Earth Crisis- Forever True (1991-2001)- 08- Cease To Exist.mp3
    • Earth Crisis- Forever True (1991-2001)- 09- Gomorrah's Season Ends.mp3
    • Earth Crisis- Forever True (1991-2001)- 10- New Ethic.mp3
    • Earth Crisis- Forever True (1991-2001)- 11- Destroy The Machines.mp3
    • Earth Crisis- Forever True (1991-2001)- 12- The Wrath Of Sanity.mp3
    • Earth Crisis- Forever True (1991-2001)- 13- Deliverance.mp3
    • Earth Crisis- Forever True (1991-2001)- 14- Born From Pain.mp3
    • Earth Crisis- Forever True (1991-2001)- 15- Firestorm.mp3
    • Earth Crisis- Forever True (1991-2001)- 16- Forged In The Flames.mp3
    • Earth Crisis- Forever True (1991-2001)- 17- Ecocide.mp3
    • Earth Crisis- Forever True (1991-2001)- 18- All Out War.mp3
    • Earth Crisis- Forever True (1991-2001)- 19- Sunshine Of Your Love (Live).mp3
    • Earth Crisis- Forever True (1991-2001)- 20- Smash Or Be Smashed (Live).mp3
    • Earth Crisis- Forever True (1991-2001)- 21- Forced March (Live).mp3


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    Forever True 1991-2001
    Release Date : 2001

    Limited free sticker

    Earth Crisis Biography

    Metalcore band from Syracuse, New York (USA). Their material has focused largely around concepts such as the vegan straight edge lifestyle, both world and niche scene politics, and are often dispersed through a militant lens, sonically, as well as lyrically.

    Band members: Karl Buechner, Ian Edwards, Dennis Merrick, Scott Crouse, Erick Edwards
    Band ex-members: , Mike Ricardi, Benjamin Read, Jim Winters, Kris Wiechmann

    Earth Crisis is a groove metal/metalcore band from Syracuse, New York since 1989, considered influential for pioneering the metalcore style (though the band considered this "unfair" as they weren't very influenced by hardcore according to them) and the vegan straight edge movement. Members are vocalist Karl Buechner, guitarist Scott Crouse, bassist Ian Edwards and drummer Dennis Merrick; third guitarist Erick Edwards joined in 1998.


    Studio albums
    • Destroy the Machines (1995, Victory)
    • Gomorrah's Season Ends (1996, Victory)
    • Breed the Killers (1998, Roadrunner)
    • Slither (2000, Victory)
    • Last of the Sane (2001, Victory)
    • To the Death (2009, Century Media)
    • Neutralize the Threat (2011, Century Media)
    • Salvation of Innocents (2014, Candlelight)

    • All Out War (EP) (1992, Conviction/Victory)
    • Firestorm (EP) (1993, Victory)
    • "Forced to Kill" (7") (2009, Seventh Dagger)
    • The Discipline (EP) (2015, Bullet Tooth)

    Music videos
    • "Broken Foundation" (1996)
    • "Killing Brain Cells" (2000)
    • "Provoke" (2000)
    • "Nemesis" (2000)
    • "To Ashes" (2009)
    • "Total War" (2011)

    Live and compilation albums
    • The California Takeover (split live album with Strife and Snapcase) (1996, Victory)
    • The Oath That Keeps Me Free (1998, Victory)
    • Forever True 1991–2001 (Compilation) (2001, Victory)

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Victory Records

    Large independent hardcore / punk label from the United States run by Tony Brummel. Releasing material from bands such as Earth Crisis, Snapcase, Strife, Warzone and a host of others throughout the 1990s. Most recently the label has been tapping into the post-hardcore / emo scene with bands like Thursday, Taking Back Sunday and Hawthorne Heights.

    In September 2019, Concord Music acquired Victory Records and Another Victory.

    For unofficial releases using the identity of this label, see Victory Records (14).