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DVD - The Varukers - Protest & Survive (1996)

Discussion in 'Music videos & Live shows' started by ungovernable, Feb 17, 2011.

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    The first ever DVD to feature one of Punk Rock’s most enduring and uncompromising bands – The Varukers. The Varukers were formed in 1979 by vocalist and leader Rat, In November ’81 they released their first record on the Birmingham based Inferno label, a 4-track EP called “Protest and survive” – the release went top forty in the UK Independent Chart and the legend was born!

    Over the next two years the band chalked-up five more top forty Independent chart hits and recorded a top ten Independent chart album “Blood Suckers”. The Varukers split in ’88, and the various members went their separate ways. But, in 1993 vocalist Rat decided to put the band back together after receiving support and correspondence from the band’s dedicated fanbase around the world, the time was right for the second coming.

    Over the last twelve years the band have continued to tour the world, playing to their ever loving hardcore fans, and also recorded several well received albums.

    “Protest And Survive” features the band at their hard-rocking best with action from around the world. The main show was filmed during their 1996 UK tour. With bonus footage from three countries, the DVD proves the everlasting appeal of one of Punk’s great survivors. Amongst the tracks featured at the UK Independent Chart top thirty hits “Massacred Millions” and “Protest And Survive”.

    The Oval, Norwich – 26/10/96
    Another Religion Another War / Led To The Slaughter / Nothings Changed / Massacred Milllions / No Hope Of A Future / Humanity / Don’t Wanna Be A Victim / Lesson We Must Never Forget / The Last War / Deadly Games / Will They Never Learn / Die For Your Government / Stop The Killing / Enter Of A New Phase / All Systems Fail / Tortured By Their Lies / Nowhere To Go / Protest To Survive / Soldier Boy / Murder

    Plus bonus material:
    Face Of Humanity / Nowhere To Go – Sydney, Australia 1998
    Nothing’s Changed / Massacred Millions – New York, USA 2000
    Protest And Survive / Endless Destruction Line / Soldier Boy – Milton Keynes, UK
    Murder / Who The Fuck – Nottingham, UK 2005