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(DVD) Rejected Youth – Rejected Forever, Forever Rejected

Discussion in 'Music videos & Live shows' started by ungovernable, Feb 17, 2011.

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    Download links here:

    http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_JcoOnfXNRsQ/S ... 00-h/1.png

    This live DVD called „Rejected Forever Forever Rejected“ was not just recorded at one of REJECTED YOUTH‘s numerous shows, but it is a documetary on the „Ten Years Rejected Youth“ festival. Over 700 people came to the K4 hall in Nuremberg on October 3rd to celebrate the 10th anniversary together with the Rejects. The special thing about this show, is the fact, that absolutely all of the guest singers who had been a part of already released albums, performed their album-part live on stage. This had never been done before and made it possible for the band to – for the first time – present the songs live in the way they had been recorded. Additionally to the 20 tracks on the 60 min DVD there is a recording of the RADIO-Z interview, a gallery including over 340 – mostly exclusive – pictures and a bonus-hidden track that can only be watched by getting the code at the REJECTED YOUTH Myspace website (myspace.com/fortherejectedyouth). This DVD is a great memory for all of those who were at the show and for all the others to get an impression of this amazing anniversary… and all this at a special price! 20 Songs. 4 Bonusfeatures.

    01 Bad Boys Attack
    02 Out Of Control
    03 Narrow Minded
    04 Hunger For The Whole
    05 No Police State Coalition
    06 9.11.
    07 Freedom Is The Goal feat. Sucker
    08 Razors feat. Sucker
    09 Sympathy For The Underdogs
    10 Fortress Europe
    11 NYC Tonite
    12 Safety Pin feat. Chrissi Jany
    13 A Threat Again feat. Chrissi Jany
    14 Champagne For The Poor
    15 Himno Trinchera
    16 Refuse/Resist feat. Guerilla
    17 Black Army
    18 Ain´t It Funny?!
    19 Loser
    20 Antifascista feat. Riot Brigade & Guerilla

    BONUS 01. Black Army Clip feat. Mark Unseen
    BONUS 02. Radio Z Interview
    BONUS 03. Exclusive Live-Gallery (346 Photos)
    BONUS 04. Hidden Bonus Clip