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Doom - 1995 - Fuck Peaceville (12'' 2LP)

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    Doom - 1995 - Fuck Peaceville (12'' 2LP)
    • 01 Confusion.mp3
    • 02 Life Lock.mp3
    • 03 Slave To Convention.mp3
    • 04 After The Bomb.mp3
    • 05 Multinationals.mp3
    • 06 Circles.mp3
    • 07 War Crimes.mp3
    • 08 Relief.mp3
    • 09 Sold Out Scene.mp3
    • 10 No Thought.mp3
    • 11 Free Yourself.mp3
    • 12 Police Bastard.mp3
    • 13 War On Our Doorstep.mp3
    • 14 Obscenity.mp3
    • 15 Sick Joke.mp3
    • 16 Exploitation.mp3
    • 17 Phobia For Change.mp3
    • 18 A Dream To Come True.mp3
    • 19 - Relief Part 2.mp3
    • 20 Beat The Boss.mp3
    • 21 Agree To Differ.mp3
    • 22 Life In Freedom Governed By Love.mp3
    • 23 No Religion.mp3
    • 24 Same Mind.mp3
    • 25 Drowning In The Mainstream.mp3
    • 26 Natural Abuse.mp3
    • 27 Scared.mp3
    • 28 Bury The Debt Not The Dead.mp3
    • 29 Money Drug.mp3
    • 30 Fear Of The Future.mp3
    • 31 Nazi Die.mp3
    • 32-Doom-Diseased-Rh.mp3
    • 33-Doom-Days Go By-Rh.mp3
    • 34-Doom-Stop-Gap-System-Rh.mp3
    • 35-Doom-Black Monday-Rh.mp3
    • 36-Doom-Means To An End-Rh.mp3
    • 37-Doom-Bastard File In The Urethra Of Paul Halmshaw-Rh.mp3


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    Fuck Peaceville
    Release Date : 1995

    Release is solely comprised of re-recordings of older Doom songs. Initial run housed in fold-over sleeve with black, white, silver & gold ink. Sleeve claims this was released with assistance from Profane Existence Records, but is on Grade A Thrape Records (although the center labels & matrix numbers indicate it's a Profane Existence release). Also has the same column of lyrics printed twice on inn

    Doom Biography

    Hardcore punk band formed in 1987 in Birmingham, United Kingdom, however they began as The Subverters, with Bri Doom (guitar), John Pickering (bass/vocals) and Jason "Hog" Hodges (drums). About the time Hog was replaced by new drummer, Mick Harris ([a=Napalm Death]), the band changed its name to Doom.

    Band members: Brian Talbot, Scoot (2), Denis Boardman, Tony Dickens
    Band ex-members: , Mick Harris, Pete Nash, Tom Croft, Wayne Southworth, Paul Halmshaw, Sned, Andy Irvine (2), Chris Gascoigne, Andus Asylum, Paul Mallen, John Pickering (5), Sandra (102)

    There are mutliple artists with this name:

    1) Doom began as The Subverters with Jon Pickering (bass/vocals), Brian Talbot (guitar) and Jason Hodges (drums). After Jason was replaced by new drummer, Mick Harris, the band changed its name to DOOM.

    This line up played one or two gigs, playing in a crossover metal style. Talbot and Pickering decided this wasn't the direction they wanted the band to move in. Consequently they left Harris and the metal style of music, and decided to go in a Discharge-influenced crossover thrash-style that Doom became known for. Pickering dropped bass to concentrate on vocals and Pete Nash joined as bass player. Harris left for Napalm Death so new drummer Tony 'Stick' Dickens, recently made bandless, joined after a drunken meeting at the infamous Mermaid Pub, this was when the 'real' Doom was formed. The band started rehearsing with this line-up in mid 1987.

    About this time a small label called Peaceville Records was starting up. They heard about Doom through word of mouth and asked if they were interested in contributing songs to the first peaceville compilation A Vile Peace. Doom went to into the studio to record their first demo on 28 August 1987. Nash unfortunately broke his wrist just before Doom's recording debut, so bass player Jim Whitley (of Napalm Death and Ripcord fame) filled in on the recording. Three songs were recorded (two of which appeared on A Vile Peace).

    On the strength of this first recording Peaceville asked Doom if they would record a full LP for them, which they agreed to do. The War is Big Business demo was recorded on 27 November 1987, which the band sold as a cassette at gigs. In February 1988, Doom went into "Rich Bitch" studios and recorded 21 songs for their debut album War Crimes (Inhuman Beings). All this time the band gigged constantly in the UK building up a following on the way. Another demo Domesday was also produced.

    At the end of 1988, due to personal commitments Talbot announced that he would be leaving the band. He stayed long enough to record the split LP Bury the Debt - Not the Dead (with Swedish band No Security) on the Peaceville label. The Police Bastard EP (on discarded records) was also recorded at the same session. Doom were also invited to record two sessions for Radio One's John Peel show around this point. Talbot left the band in April 1989 after completing a lengthy European tour.

    Doom continued with different guitarists, most notably with Dave Talbot who co-founded UK doom metal band Solstice with Sore Throat's vocalist Rich Walker, but did not settle with four members for long playing numerous gigs as a three piece, as Pickering turned to vocal and guitar duties. This line up continued until a final split in August 1990. Following the group's demise Pickering formed Police Bastard, whilst drummer Stick joined Extreme Noise Terror then DIRT.

    The band reformed in 1992 with the earlier line up of Talbot, Pickering, Nash and Stick. They toured Japan and recorded a 12" of new songs released on the label Vinyl Japan. This proved to be the last recording with this line up. About this point the band almost split up but Talbot and Stick decided to continue with two new members. These being Tom Croft from Genital Deformities on vocals and Paul "Mall" Mallen on bass guitar. This line up recorded the split album with Selfish and a split 7" EP with Hiatus. Mall left shortly afterwards (an amicable parting). He was replaced by bassist Scoot from Largactyl.

    This line up recorded the split 7" EP Doomed to Extinction with Extinction of Mankind, the Fuck Peaceville double LP, and the Hail to Sweden 7" EP. This is also the line up who appear on the Videodoom video on MCR recorded on a European tour in 1994

    A tour of Scandinavia was organised for September 1995, however Scoot decided not to go due to problems at home, so he was replaced by Denis Boardman (of Blood Sucking Freaks) & permanently by Chris Gascoigne (of Suffer) after the tour. Tom Croft also left just after the tour and was replaced by Wayne Southworth (also of Blood Sucking Freaks). While on the Scandinavian tour Doom recorded the Monarchy Zoo 7" EP at Sunlight Studios.

    The band, now comprised of Stick, Talbot, Boardman, Southworth and Gascoigne, went into the studio in June 1996 and recorded a full LP for Flat Earth, Called Rush Hour of the Gods.

    Talbot would go on to join Khang, this band then evolving into Lazarus Blackstar. Stick is also part of the band RUIN.

    On March 18, 2005 Wayne Southworth (lead singer) was found dead in his home by a friend. The cause of death was an epileptic seizure.

    The band then toured England one last time without Wayne Southworth in tribute of their friend.

    2) Doom in 1985 They developed into a heavily experimental avantgarde rock/metal band approaching the 1990s, with broken/deliberatley quirky use of English in their lyrics also becoming a feature of the music. The classic line up consisted of Takashi "Taka" Fujita (vocals/guitar), Koh "Pirarucu" Morota (Fretless Bass) and Jyo-ichi "Joe" Hirokawa (drums). Doom released their first EP Go Mad Yourself! in 1985, and the debut album No More Pain followed in 1987. The group gained a significant following and signed to the Japanese label Invitation. They continued to release many more albums and even played a gig at CBGB's before releasing the final album Where Your Life Lies!? in 1999, and then the group later disbanded. The band remains heavily underground today, and information on the band and its members is rare, but they still enjoy a devoted fan base. They were also known for their chaotic, freak-show live performances, with the band members clad in Kiss style make up, having only a large grate as a barrier separating audience & band, and with some of their microphones utilised while dangling from the ceiling.

    3) Doom The music for the first two versions of the videogame DOOM created by id Software, was composed by Bobby Prince in the years 1992 and 1993. Some tracks were inspired, almost to be called covers, by famous artists such as Pantera, Slayer and Metallica. Wikipedia has an an detailed list about this. The site Doomworld has a section about the music containing comments from Bobby Prince himself.

    4) DOOM is the moniker MF DOOM has chosen for his album BORN LIKE THIS., which was released March 23rd, on Lex Records.

    5) Doom was a heavy metal project by multi-instrumentalist Elric Sullivan. An album called Future Shock was planned to be released, but it is unknown whether or not that album will be released or not.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Grade A Thrape Records

    German record label mostly for german punk and hardcore.




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    Anti Cimex

    Extreme Noise Terror