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Documentary request

Discussion in 'REQUESTS' started by mishelu182, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. Annie

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    Jun 22, 2013
    besides the ever apprechiated ripper's advice:
    the other f... word is an sometimes entertaining and only rarely inspiring movie, produced by an outsider:
    and she's still somehow on that "other" side of the street, I would dare a guess she's short-sighted too:
    mark hoppus, peppers' flea, tim mclrath, jim lindberg are her dad's next door, well, at least if one is living in the better parts of los angeles...
    nothing about unplanned pregnancy, social and economic problems after giving birth at a much younger age than the aging dads are, not to mention the problems you might have because you never played in a band with more or less success. the aspects of the band and respective career become repentitively mentioned, too bad that it somehow sounds like that lonely truck driver late at night at a highway drive in;
    ...when I'm on tour I can't...
    really bad:
    wives and girlfriends are completely ignored, they are not even featured in the interview with a single word, while some of the "dads" use the opportunity eagerly to complain about earning for the family in times of filsharing and downloads for free. at least they still hate society...
    punk - maybe, dads - mater semper certa est, maybe the women were just too busy caring for the family.