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Spanish & Portuguese Desorden Publico - The Ska Album -

Discussion in 'International anarcho-punk downloads' started by Anarcho-Punk.net, Aug 28, 2009.

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    Aug 7, 2009


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    Track List:

    01. Mirándonos
    02. Gorilón
    03. Calvo
    04. Como Sabroso
    05. Ska De Acá
    06. La Primera Piedra
    07. Where Is The Future?
    08. Black Market Man
    09. Terroristas
    10. Skápate
    11. Venus
    12. Tokyo Loco
    13. El Clon
    14. Rudy, A Message To You
    15. Cachos De Vaca
    16. Molotov Love
    17. Lo Bueno


    Desorden Público
    Release Date : 2008

    20th Anniversary CD release from original 1988 LP This has the 1999 remix plus two new recorded bonus tracks recorded in 2008 "Jimmy Banana" and V.N.Z.L.A.Una Producción de CBS Columbia de Venezuela.

    Desorden Publico Biography

    Desorden Público is a ska/rock band founded in 1985 in Caracas, Venezuela.

    The band's music mixes ska, latin rock, reggae and traditional Latin music styles. The group's lyrics are known for commenting on Venezuela's and Latin America's politics and society. Influenced by the English 2 Tone movement, Desorden Público's embraces different languages and promotes racial and social tolerance. The band has a dozen or so releases to their name and have had platinum sales, No. 1 and top 10 hits. They have tours that have taken them all over Latin America, North America and Europe.

    Band members: Francisco Díaz, Oscar Alcaíno, José Luis Chacín, Horacio Blanco, Daniel Sarmiento, William Guzmán, Noel Mijares, Terry Bonilla, Julio Andrade (2), Luis Pulido (4), Victor Contreras (3)
    Band ex-members: , Enzo Villaparedes, Francisco Nuñez, Antonio Rojas, Emigdio Suárez

    Desorden Publico (also spelled Desorden público) are a band from Caracas, Venezuela. They mainly play ska mixed with the latin rhythms and beats of their home country. This type of music is generally described as Latin-Ska. Desorden Publico is Spanish for "Public Disorder".

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Sony Music

    Main label of Sony Music Entertainment.
    Use this entry for releases from between 1991 and 2005 and 2008 onwards that show the 'Sony Music' logo or releases in general which credit "Sony Music".
    Please note that the logo was different before 2005.
    Also please do not confuse with the Japanese SonyMusic.

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    For releases crediting "Sony Music Entertainment" for manufacturing, marketing and/or distribution, use Sony Music Entertainment.

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    bAbout Sony Music matrix/LCCN numbers:/b

    Some optical disc releases show the Sony Music logo in the disc matrix, with one of the following matrix patterns:

    ➊ 'bSony Music xx-xxxxxx-xx BB CC/b' (used 1994-1995)
    ➋ 'bSony Music Sxxxxxxxxxx-yyzz BB CC/b' (used 1995-2007) or
    'Sony Music Sxxxxxxxxxx-yyzz BB DDD C' (some outsourced pressings)

    Please do not confuse prefix S with number 5 as they appear very similar in matrix pattern #2.

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    - BB is a two or (rarely) three digit number, usually between 11-25. The last digit is the same as the last digit of the mastering SID code (IFPI L55x).
    - CC is usually machine-stamped into the matrix ring, and is usually A1, A01, A00, B1, etc.
    - DDD is similar to CC but never starts with A, and is usually B00, C00, etc.
    - The following mould SID codes have been observed in these matrices: IFPI 94**, IFPI 63**, IFPI 1G**, IFPI T8** (often mistaken as 78**).

    Please be aware that Sony Music was not the name of a specific pressing plant; these glass masters are in fact manufactured by DADC Austria (1994-1998)/DADC (1998-2000)/Sony DADC (2000-present). If crediting Sony Music from this CD matrix style, please bdo not/b use Glass Mastered At or Pressed By role for Sony Music; the generic Made By role would be most appropriate. Catalog numbers should bnot/b be added to this Sony Music entry.

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    Glass Mastered At – DADC Austria (1995-97 releases) / DADC (1999 releases) / Sony DADC (2001-present)
    Example release: r11916095

    If the "Sxxxxxxxxxx-yyzz" matrix starts with S0100, these entries can also be used for 1998 and 2000 releases:
    Glass Mastered At – DADC Austria with codes S0100257xxx or lower (until c.October 1998)
    Glass Mastered At – DADC with codes S0100259xxx-S0100313xxx (c.November 1998-April 2000)
    Glass Mastered At – Sony DADC with codes S0100315xxx or higher (after c.May 2000)

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    Example release: r8944965

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    usually in conjunction with mould SID code IFPI 07**.

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