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Death Sentence - Ryan - Thanks For The Support EP (1985)

Discussion in 'Anarcho-Punk music albums downloads' started by Spike one of many, Jul 15, 2022.

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    01 Death Sentence.mp3
    02 Air That We Breathe.mp3
    03 Moral Majority.mp3
    04 Benevolent Intervention.mp3
    05 Balance Of The Nation.mp3
    06 Caese To Exist.mp3
    07 Christian Fanatics.mp3


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    Ryan - Thanks For The Support EP
    Release Date : 1985

    Poster sleeve with thank list and pictures of the band. Printed lyric insert included. 500 copies pressed including 50 copies with a black and white sleeve.

    Death Sentence Biography

    Australian hardcore punk band

    Band members: Gary James McGillivray, Davo (9), Peter McGrath (2)
    Band ex-members: , Keith Chatham

    There are multiple artists with this name:

    1) A melodic death metal / doom metal band from Czech Republic.

    2) Death Sentence were on the forefront of Vancouver punk's second wave during the mid eighties. Their sound, which crossed British punk and Metal with DOA-style hardcore, made them a popular live act not only in the Pacific Northwest, but across Canada. The band's two albums, Not A Pretty Sight and Stop Killing Me have sold an impressive 60,000 copies, even though they've never been re-issued on CD. To this day, they are still trying to retain the rights to their back catalog from the now bankrupt Fringe records. Death Sentence disbanded in 1991 but reformed last year with a new singer to replace Pete Cleaver, who died of a drug overdose in the mid-nineties.

    3) Fast Hardcore band from Australia.

    4) A Hardcore band from Minneapolis, MN, USA.

    5) A gangsta rap crew from Northern Virginia, USA.

    6) UK d-beat band from early 1980s, had a 7" and a demo. Pioneers who were extremely early to copy Discharge. See also page for 'Death Sentence (UK).

    7) Bulgarian death metal band from Sofia.

    8) Precursor to the band Nunslaughter. "Death Is The Only Way" Rehearsal Demo from 1985 included on Nunslaughter "Demoslaughter" 2-Disc comp. on Hell's Headbangers records.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Single Bullet Theory Enterprises

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