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D.O.A. - 1991 - Talk Minus Action Equals Zero

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    Aug 7, 2009

    D.O.A. - 1991 - Talk Minus Action Equals Zero
    • 01 America The Beautiful.mp3
    • 02 13.mp3
    • 03 Burn It Down.mp3
    • 04 Murder In Hollywood.mp3
    • 05 Lumberjack City.mp3
    • 06 Waiting For You - Part 2.mp3
    • 07 Fuck You.mp3
    • 08 Woke Up Screaming.mp3
    • 09 Liar For Hire.mp3
    • 10 2 + 2.mp3
    • 11 Let's Wreck The Party.mp3
    • 12 The Prisoner.mp3
    • 13 Do Or Die.mp3
    • 14 Fuck That Shit.mp3
    • 15 General Strike.mp3
    • 16 Race Riot.mp3


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    Talk Minus Action Equals Zero
    Release Date : 1991

    Printed inner sleeveRecorded at Club Soda, Vancouver, B.C. Canada, Dec. 21, 1989.Issued under license from Restless Records.

    D.O.A. Biography

    Canadian punk band founded in Vancouver, BC in 1978 by vocalist Joey Shithead, along with bassist Randy Rampage and drummer Chuck Biscuits. Experienced numerous lineup changes in their 41-year existence, and recorded many songs by their short-lived Vancouver contemporaries.

    Band members: Joey Keighley, Paddy Duddy
    Band ex-members: , John Wright, Ford Pier, Dave Gregg, Dimwit, Jon Card, Kerr Belliveau, Greg James (2), Randy Rampage, Brien O'Brien, Brad Kent, Chris Prohom, Ken Jensen (2), Brian Roy Goble, Ken Montgomery (2), "Dirty" Dan Sedan, Simon Wilde (2), Jesse Pinner, Bill Chobotar, Charles Montgomery (3)

    D.O.A. was a hardcore punk band from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. They are often referred to as the "founders" of hardcore punk, along with Black Flag, The Germs, Negative Trend, and Middle Class. Their second album Hardcore '81 was thought by many to have been the first actual reference to the second wave of the American punk sound as hardcore. Singer/guitarist Joey "Shithead" Keithley is the only founding member to have stayed in the band throughout its entire history. However, original bassist Randy Rampage has been active in the band in recent years and has played on one of the band's last three albums, although he is not in the current lineup. D.O.A. has often released music on Jello Biafra's Alternative Tentacles Records, and they have released an album with Jello Biafra titled Last Scream of the Missing Neighbors.

    D.O.A. has always maintained an uncompromising leftist political stance. The band is known for its outspoken political opinions and has a history of performing for many causes and benefits. Its slogan is "Talk minus Action equals Zero." The band has been active on many issues, including anti-racism, anti-globalization, freedom of speech, and the environment.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Roadrunner Records

    Label code: LC 9231 / LC 09231. Please use l30552 and/or l261823 if the release credits them. Counterfeits should be attached to l231268.

    Roadrunner Records was founded in the Netherlands in 1980 by a1258936. The label mostly released heavy metal and related genres in Europe during the 1980s, often licensed from other labels. l33088 was used for markets outside of Europe until the end of the 1980s, when the sublabel also started being used in Europe. Roadrunner signed many innovative or controversial metal bands, such as a368784, a261541, a254268, a251933, a346755, a252162, a251799, a251635, a255964 and a34058. During the 1990s, the label changed to become more commercial, which alienated many of their heavy and extreme metal bands.

    Roadrunner became one of the largest independent heavy metal labels until December 18, 2006, when Warner Music Group announced that it had signed a deal to acquire 73.5% of Roadrunner Records for 73.5 million dollars. Acquisition was first completed on January 29, 2007 due to regulatory approval in Germany. In November 2010, Roadrunner Records was fully acquired by WMG. Cees Wessels was CEO of Roadrunner until April 2012, when the Dutch office was shut down. The US office was later moved to the WMG address.

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