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Crust Punk for the Collapse Mixtape #2 || Arboricidio, Alteri, Knür, Phantom Hymn, Habak

Discussion in 'Music videos & Live shows' started by Filler Distro, Apr 14, 2021.

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    Emocrust & Neocrust Mixtape #2
    Support the bands, support the movement, throw shit at cops.

    Resistance footage from the Yellow Finch Camp, the ZAD, the stand off in Kanesatake during the so called Oka Crisis, the Zapatista uprising, May Day in Paris, the MOVE bombing in Philadelphia, the recent Spanish revolt in solidarity with Pablo Hasel, Chile the International Revolutionary People’s Guerrilla Front, Portland during the George Floyd Uprising, and resistance to the military coup in Myanmar. Live footage of Habak ripped from Gerardo R. Rodriguez on youtube.

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