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Crucifucks - 1982 - Demo

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    Aug 7, 2009

    Crucifucks - 1982 - Demo
    • 01-Crucifucks - Democracy Spawns Bad Taste-Sdr.mp3
    • 02-Crucifucks - Go Bankrupt And Die-Sdr.mp3
    • 03-Crucifucks - Legal Genocide-Sdr.mp3
    • 04-Crucifucks - You Give Me The Creeps-Sdr.mp3
    • 05-Crucifucks - Marching For Trash-Sdr.mp3
    • 06-Crucifucks - Cops For Fertilizer-Sdr.mp3
    • 07-Crucifucks - I Am The Establishment-Sdr.mp3
    • 08-Crucifucks - Leave Me Alone-Sdr.mp3
    • 09-Crucifucks - Nooncanmakemeplayalongwithallthis-Sdr.mp3
    • 10-Crucifucks - Hinckley Had A Vision-Sdr.mp3


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    I Am The Establishment
    Release Date : 2021

    Fan club reissue of [a268204] 1982 demo.Clear shell cassette with photocopied adhesive labels. Photocopied single sided j-card. Program repeats both sides.

    Crucifucks Biography

    The Crucifucks were a hardcore punk rock band from Lansing, MI, USA, formed in January 1982 by vocalist and only constant member [a1309900]. The group was known for Dart's shrill voice, anti-authoritarian lyrics, and extreme antagonism. Unusual for a participant in the mostly youth-orientated hardcore scene, Dart was 28 years old when the band started. The band's original drummer was a young [a254207], who eventually ended up as the permanent drummer for [a17199]. The Crucifucks first album was recorded by [a253278] producer [a260821] and released on [a37752] of the [a239092]' label [l10389] in 1984. The album, featuring songs like "Cops for Fertilizer" and "Hinkley Had a Vision" (referring to would-be presidential assassin [a1339326] ) is hailed in some quarters but was later referred to as an "abomination" and "a spoken word album with a little noise in the background" by Dart. Dart returned with a mostly different line up and a different sound for 1987's "Wisconsin" but the band was disintegrated less than a year later. In 1990, Dart released a solo album entitled "Patricia" (named after his therapist) on Alternative Tentacles, and later recorded a follow up album, "Black Tuesday", in 1993 which was rejected for release by Alternative Tentacles and only released in a small batch of cassettes to friends. In 1996, Dart formed a new band called L.D. Eye (Little Doc's Eye) and approached his old label about releasing their record. Alternative Tentacles agreed to do so as long as the band called themselves The Crucifucks. That same year, Dart and the label were sued by the Philadelphia chapter of the Fraternal Order of Police and Officer James Whalen over a photo used on the back over of "Our Will Be Done", a 1992 CD compilation of the Crucifucks first two albums. The photo featured Whalen supposedly shot dead next to his cruiser. During the trial the origin of the photo was revealed - the scene was staged (much to Dart's disappointment) and was simply an image used for a poster distributed to raise public awareness as part of a contract dispute between the union and Philadelphia in 1986. A judge initially ruled against the label and Dart but the decision was later overturned. Dart put the Crucifucks to rest in 1998 after a small run of shows under both the Crucifucks and L.D. Eye name. Since then, he has taken to calling himself "26" and no longer likes to say his old band's name, as he has stopped using curse words. His last known musical output was the 2006 album "The Messiah" on [l=122900]. Since then, he has retreated from music and the public eye.

    Band members: Steve Merchant, David W. Breher, Doc Corbin Dart, Nathaniel J. Warren
    Band ex-members: , Steve Shelley, Scott Fagersten, Gus Varner

    Truly abrasive punk rock. The only consistent member was Doc Dart (who later became known as 26, putting out a great CD on Crustacean Records).

    The style morphed over the years, beginning with simple, shotgun punk songs on thier self-titled debut LP which Doc Dart/26 now calls and "abomination" and a "novelty record". The drummer on the first record was Steve Shelly of Sonic Youth fame.

    On Wisconsin, their second record, a more folk/country influence came through, but not in a shitty Against Me! way.

    Doc Dart did two solo records - "Patricia" on Alternative Tentacles, and "Black Tuesday", a self-released tape that's very hard to find a copy of. After that the Crucifucks reformed for the L.D. Eye LP - a slower, even more unique record than S/T and Wisconsin.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Das Boots Tapes