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Chaos UK - The Morning After The Night Before (1997)

Discussion in 'Anarcho-Punk music albums downloads' started by watermouse, Dec 30, 2009.

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    Dec 30, 2009
    another cd from the south wests finest CHAOS UK:


    1 Fuck The Neighbours
    2 No Mess Panic
    3 Morning After
    4 Take Me Back To San Clemente
    5 Dis-Gruntled
    6 Finger Up Bum
    7 Another Punk Rock Day
    8 Little Bastard
    9 Wishful Thinking
    10 Advert
    11 Masturbator
    12 Collateral Damage
    13 Vegetable Soup
    14 Farmyard Boogie

    ENJOY IT FOLKS :rock: :rock:


    The Morning After The Night Before
    Release Date : 1997

    Recorded at Mr. Grins, Bristol, April 1996.

    Chaos UK Biography

    UK Punk band from Bristol.
    Formed in 1979 with an initial line-up of [a831047] (vocals), [a831048] (guitar), [a1923823] (bass) and [a2132922] (drums).

    Band members: Gabba, Mower (2), Andrew Briggs, Phill Thudd, Fran Fearon
    Band ex-members: , Chuck (9), Simon Greenham, Andy Farrier, Devilman (2), Beki (3), Nige, Victor Dominicis, Adrian Rice, Marvin Gauntlett, Richard Potts, Ram Raider (2), J. Cloth

    Chaos UK is a hardcore punk band formed in 1979 near Bristol. Consisting of Simon on vocals, Andy on guitar, Kaos on bass, and Potts on drums (although the band has been through many different line-ups over the years with Kaos as the only consistent member). Their lyrics deal with topics such as unemployment, economic recession, drinking, infanticide, distrust of government, the police, and authority in general.

    After what can be described as the first or classical period, in which the band released two 7inch EP's (1982), contributed to the 'Punk and Disorderly' (1982), 'Riotous Assembly' (1982) and UK/DK (1983) LP/Video samplers and released a self titled LP (1983) Kaos remained the only member.

    The second LP, titled 'Short Sharp Shock' (1984), and the 'Radioactive' (1986) split LP which introduced Extreme Noise Terror to the world on Earache Records saw Mower on vocals, Gabba on guitar and Chuck on drums. This line up is considered the most hard-hitting and most productive and remained more or less unchanged until the late eighties/early nineties, with first Chuck and later Mower leaving. Gabba and Kaos/Chaos (now on vocals) remained at the core of the band.

    In their more than 20-year career Chaos UK toured the world (including several Japanese tours, the first of which produced the Live in Japan album) played with bands such as Napalm Death, Extreme Noise Terror, Oi Polloi, The Exploited, Swingin' Utters, Misery, and many others. They also released over 20 LPs, EPs, singles, splits, and live albums.

    They split up in 2007, the members moving on to other projects, like A.D. Rice and the Wazzucks, FUK and Sick on the bus. They are still living in Bristol drinking cider, a favorite subject of several songs throughout the band's history.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.

    Label - Anagram Records

    Division of Cherry Red Records Ltd.
    Anagram Records contains the worlds largest collection of classic Punk, Psychobilly and Goth records, all lovingly packaged, with many bonus tracks and rarities included.
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    Can't download

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