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Discussion in 'New members introductions' started by BooZer, Jan 18, 2018.

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    Hi Gang, me names Trev, formerly BooZer, from Shrewsbury, wedged in between the west midlands and the welsh marches. I got into Punk in the late 70's, and was heavily involved in the local DIY scene, forming links with other small towns such as Telford, Cannock and Stoke, I 'sang' in a couple of bands, Decoys and Dervish Frenzy, playing with other local bands, mainly The X-iles, and blagging spots at local DIY fessies. I moved to Sunderland in the late 80's, met the HDQ mob and discovered Hunt sabbing, hanging out at the Station club at the riverside, and organising at the Bunker, I moved down to Brixton in the early 90's, after the battle of Trafalgar, where I discovered Anarchy wasn't exclusive to Punk, as I got involved with the Squatting punk/techno scene. I've since lived in Leeds and Brighton, then to Auckland in New Zealand and am now happily settled in Melbourne Australia. My musical tastes have broadened over the years, but I still love to go to Punk gigs and Techno nights, love me Ska and reggae too. I was back in the UK last year, and saw Pog, Eastfield, The Piranhas, The Damned, The Cravats, P.A.I.N., Zounds, went to Glastonwick, Off the Rails, Kippertronix and Get on with it fessies.. this is what I miss in Melbourne, there is a scene around here, but when you don't know the bands it's a bit tricky, I'm more into the techno thing over here.. of whom Tekno Mulisha the self proclaimed Techno for Punx brigade are a centrl fixture... That's me anywayze.. =;-)