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Black Panda - Tanque de 98 Octanos - 2006 (Spain)

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    Jun 7, 2010

    Black Panda Biography

    There are at least two bands called Black Panda.

    1) Black Panda (d-beat / rock n roll) A Coruña, Spain


    Black Panda is born as a fun project between members from bands such as Nashgul, Madame Germen, Lascivos, SL'S3......

    Five people who want to party at the rhythm of rock and roll, in a world of chaos where illegal bike races and drugs are the main attraction.

    The hardcore music, the heat and the power of the desert and its cactus, the pimpness and a great enthusiasm for motor and grease get together on December 2004. They begin composing songs and the dream of setting up their own car repair shop becomes true.

    While rehearsing, working in the car repair shop and going on with the apocalyptic weekend parties, Black Panda continues spreading their message and also recruiting members for their biker crew. You will also be part of it, when you least expect it.


    -Black Panda "Tanque de 98 Octanos" Lp 2006 (Trabuc Rcds.)
    -Black Panda / (A)uktion Split Ep 2007 (Trabuc Rcds. & Assel Rcds.)
    -Black Panda / Holocaust In Your Head Split Ep "Carniceria Rodante" 200

    2) Black Panda USA (garage / punk rock) from Austin, TX.


    3) Black Panda (scuzzy lo-fi rock) from Gold Coast, Australia

    Songs written by Beau Velasco who would later go on to start The Death Set with fellow Black Panda guitarist Johnny Siera.

    Disclaimer: this biography was gathered automatically through an external music database and could be inaccurate. We don't control the information found here.
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