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BCT #6 Bad Compilation Tape - Last White Christmas I - 1984 (U$A)

Discussion in 'Anarcho-Punk music albums downloads' started by punkmar77, May 26, 2015.

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    01. –Brontosauri- Capsius Cabanis (Berlino Fuck Off)
    02. –Brontosauri- Brontosauri
    03. –Brontosauri- Opposition
    04. –Raw Power- Power
    05. –Raw Power- For My
    06. –Raw Power- I Hate The
    07. –Raw Power- Chicken Song
    08. –Raw Power- Army
    09. –Raw Power- No Future
    10. –Raw Power- Politicians
    11. –Raw Power- Raw Power
    12. –Raw Power- Fuck Autorithy
    13. –Raw Power- Hate
    14. –Raw Power- Fabbrica (Factory)
    15. –Raw Power- Victim
    16. –Raw Power- White Minority
    17. –Juggernaut- Convact
    18. –Juggernaut- Tomorrow
    19. –Juggernaut- Xoo2
    20. –Juggernaut- Inquisitor
    21. –Juggernaut- Xoo3
    22. –Stato Di Polizia- Odio (Hate)
    23. –Stato Di Polizia- Mente Sconvolta (Damaged Mind)
    24. –Stato Di Polizia- Uccidi Tuo Fratello (Kill Your Brother)
    25. –Stato Di Polizia- Non Dirmi E Non Parlartll (Don't Tell Me And Don't Talk To Me)
    26. –Putrid Fever- Draw Of Fear
    27. –Putrid Fever- Motorhead
    28. –Putrid Fever- Anger
    29. –Putrid Fever- Reality
    30. –Putrid Fever- Song From War
    31. –Putrid Fever- Naked Real Gun
    32. –Putrid Fever- Skaters
    33. –Putrid Fever- Rats
    34. –Dements- I Am Not
    35. –Dements- Point Of View
    36. –Useless Boys- I Don't Need Your Love Anymore
    37. –Useless Boys- Weekend Trip
    38. –Useless Boys- I Need You So
    39. –Useless Boys- Can't Judge A Book By The Cover
    40. –Useless Boys- Barracuda
    41. –War Dogs- The State Of Things
    42. –War Dogs- Fried Brains
    43. –War Dogs- Snakes
    44. –War Dogs- War Dogs
    45. –War Dogs- (I Hate The) Families
    46. –War Dogs- Red Hot Phones
    47. –War Dogs- M.G.
    48. –Auschlag- Grazie Patria (Thank You My Country)
    49. –Auschlag- Vittime (Victims)
    50. –Auschlag- Nessuno (No One)
    51. –Auschlag- Woytila Vattene! (Woytila Scram!)
    52. –Auschlag- Siamo Stanchi (We're Fed Up)
    53. –Auschlag- In Carcere (In Jail)
    54. –Auschlag- Distruzione Totale (Total Destruction)
    55. –Auschlag- Ribellati (Subvert)
    56. –Auschlag- A Fuoco (Burn 'em Down)

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    Last White Christmas I
    Release Date : 1984

    On regular tape

    Label - Bad Compilation Tapes

    US punk/hardcore cassette label, mainly active in the 1980's. Also listed as bBCT/b or bBorderless Countries Tapes/b.

    In later years the label became able to produce also vinyl records and the name changed to BC Tapes & Records.
    All releases that bear this name/logo should be submitted under BC Tapes & Records.
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    The only other 90 minute tape on BCT along with #11 Brain of Stone. 56 trax. 12/4/83 in Pisa by Gran Ducato Hard Core punk consortium for Johnny in jail. A split release with Cessophena Records on February 1984. There's nothing like Italian HC and this proves it. They have a very distinctive sound. Antonio of CCM told me it's cuz they had no rock history. As an aside, Italy is a Jimi Hendrix hotbed. He once said he'd like to live there. He did about 2 gigs there. Tight, noisy, abrasive, wild. The full RAW POWER LWC set is on BCT #5 and the full PUTRID FEVER set is on #13. I love that a few of the bands have a total 60's punk sound immersed in the flavor of 80's Italian HC. This tape was re-issued on cd in 2002 in a 7" sleeve, 74 minutes. Ugh, I just realized, tape beat cd cuz 16 minutes got dropped from tape to cd. I've never heard a recording of any other HC gig from any other country or year that, to my ears, was as great overall as this one is. Course, everyone has their own musical taste. And if you think this tape sucks then yer wrong and go back to listening to Lover Boy. Go on. And Peter Gabriel and I'll bet you loved the Yanni concert you went to with your mom huh? Ok, I saw Yanni and the violinist was awesome. I'm stuck. No metal. No crossover. No wimp out. Just pure Italian HC or 60's punk. I eat this stuff for breakfast. I rated this A+ compared to the original BCT tape release so I'm guessing it's from the cd re-issue. You can tell by how long this is, 90 minutes = tape; 74 minutes = cd.
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    The Last White Christmas festival was held in Pisa on Dec. 4, 1983, the day of Saint Barbara, organized by the Gran Ducato Hard Core (GDHC), in the deconsecrated church of San Zeno. The church had been occupied a few months prior to the closing of the self-managed social center Victor Charlie. Shortly after GDHC occupied the Macchia Nera, historical Pisan self-managed social center active from 1988 to 1999.

    The recording of the concert was later released by Bad Compilation Tapes / Borderless Countries Tapes of San Diego February 1984, in two volumes titled BCT #6 Last White Christmas I and BCT #7 II Last White Christmas as a co-release with Cessophena Records in Italy. About half the tracks were used. These two live albums were later reissued on CD in 2002 by BCT in conjunction with the Canadian label Schizophrenic Records with a few extra tracks. 500 pressed each.
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