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BCT #12 - Hideous Freaks Search For Happiness - 1985 (U$A)

Discussion in 'Anarcho-Punk music albums downloads' started by punkmar77, May 26, 2015.

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    Nov 13, 2009
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    Click on the link above to download the file



    Track List:

    01. Happy World - Meg Tolin
    02. Ministry Of Truth - Bound To Fall
    03. Drills - Skate Tuff
    04. Drills - This Is..
    05. Angry White Boys - Heavy Metal Sucks
    06. Entropy - Untitled
    07. Entropy - Adam Ate The Worm
    08. Entropy - Chopper Intro
    09. Entropy - March Intro
    10. Catharsis - Untitled
    11. Hates - No Talk In The 80's
    12. Hates - Last Hymn
    13. Hates - Do The Cheryl Chessman
    14. Hates - Houston (Live)
    15. Hates - Untitled
    16. Born Without A Face - Slumfeeder
    17. Born Without A Face - Not A Love Song
    18. Born Without A Face - Another American Success Story
    19. Toejam - Untitled
    20. Random Killing - The Wait
    21. Useless Pieces Of Shit - Hinckley's Brain
    22. Useless Pieces Of Shit - Obnoxious Teenage Drunk Olympics
    23. Useless Pieces Of Shit - Euthanasia Part 1
    24. Useless Pieces Of Shit - Robotman
    25. Useless Pieces Of Shit - Fuck Shit Up
    26. Arcatia Boys Choir - Let's See Your Guts
    27. Arcatia Boys Choir - Kill The Five
    28. Arcatia Boys Choir - Young Warriors
    29. Arcatia Boys Choir - Hinkly Had A Vision
    30. Psycho - Master Race
    31. Psycho - Paper + Contempt
    32. Psycho - How Much Longer
    33. Teenage Depression - Anarchy's For Assholes
    34. Teenage Depression - Reagan's Gestapo
    35. Teenage Depression - False Jesi Pt 1
    36. Teenage Depression - Frat Party
    37. Teenage Depression - Speed Punks Suck
    38. U.S. Distress - One On One
    39. U.S. Distress - 1 Nation Under God
    40. U.S. Distress - Think You Got It Bad
    41. U.S. Distress - Blame It On The Kids
    42. U.S. Distress - Felch Bucket
    43. U.S. Distress - Untitled
    44. Sacred Denial - Pissed At The World
    45. Sacred Denial - Untitled
    46. Sacred Denial - Untitled
    47. Self Inflicted Wounds - Untitled
    48. The White Pigs - Untitled
    49. State Of Confusion - Untitled
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    Hideous Freaks Search For Happiness
    Release Date : 1985

    Comes with booklet of 14 pages A5."Untitled" tracks are numbered but appear as blank "titles" on the foldout insert.All American Compilation

    Label - Bad Compilation Tapes

    US punk/hardcore cassette label, mainly active in the 1980's. Also listed as bBCT/b or bBorderless Countries Tapes/b.

    In later years the label became able to produce also vinyl records and the name changed to BC Tapes & Records.
    All releases that bear this name/logo should be submitted under BC Tapes & Records.
  2. Chrisbct

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    Jan 4, 2015
    San Diego United States
    Only time we released a tape and had immediately misplaced the name of a band. We've had it listed as ? all these years. Here it's listed as Random Killing doing 'The Wait'. That'd be cool if that's what it is cuz it sure was awkward releasing that. Still it was a good track so that's all that mattered. Several songs we didn't have the song titles including all of UPS'. Hates (from Houston) been around since seeing the Sex Pistols and never have quit thru today. Not well known at all cuz they almost never tour (I did a tour for them of the Southwest, 10 shows in 2002) got to then see them at the Smell in L.A. and the Che Cafe in San Diego on UCSD campus. They did some of their less fast songs from their 3 great late 70's 7"s but faster! Just awesome to really be into them for that long and then finally get to see them. One of my favorite songs on BCT is on this tape, "Pissed at the World' by SACRED DENIAL (not sure if it's song 1, 2 or 3). I've quoted it over the years for a number of appropriate occasions. I modified this tape title from a scandal at the supermarket checkout. At the time we had an over abundance of tape names so we gave this tape several of them: Break Slamming; May Cause Dependence on Laxatives; Not a Bunch of Love Songs; Squeezing the Green $ Weenie; you Make Me Feel Oookie; Pure Erotic Fluff; I'm Taking a Drug...It's Coming from These Speakers. Released 5/85. All U.S. bands. Some punk who volunteered to do art for us, looks like it's signed Rot Flesh, did the sleeve drawing and lettering. I rated this as some A- and some B+ recording quality compared to what this sounded like when we first released it.
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